Sixers vs. Celtics: Game 7 Day Links

Dre yammin.

It's memorial day weekend, we've got gorgeous weather, and one of the greatest events a sport could ever give us; a Game 7 with the team we've followed for years. So if you're like me and you're insanely nervous/anxious/hungry about the game tonight, doing random activities would be the best way to go. And what better random, time-wasting activity than to read articles about the game we've been waiting for since Wednesday night (last night was the first night I slept since then, by the way - that's how excited I am). Get out your lawn chair, crack open a beer, grill some food, and read some links.

Celtics Hope Experience Defeats Sixers' Youth in Game 7 - Sports Illustrated

The old (see what I did there) experience against youth factor. Doc sounds bitter. "Half of these young guys don't know I played and they definitely don't know Doug played". Lawns and things.

Under Control, Out of Your Minds - Depressed Fan

Brian at Depressed Fan talks about the advantages Boston will have being at home and also uses the phrase "purple nurple".

Fearless Sixers Embracing Challenge of Game 7 - CSN Philly

Doug Collins mentions how beautiful butterflies are. Jrue Holiday calls tonight's game "End of the world two."

More links after the jump, including a piece on a different site from a writer you might be familiar with.

Sixers Have Impressed, but Collins Wants More - CSN Philly

Doug Collins getting his annoying girlfriend impression on, not satisfied but wanting more. I joke, I joke. I want more, too.

Win Or Lose, Boston Celtics' New Big Three Era A Success - SB Nation Boston

Danny Tanner taught me that if you double the C's and double the S's, that's how you spell "success".

Spencer Hawes' Moral Code - Spence's Twitter

Spence is all about lying if it ends in his favor. I'd do the same thing.

FYI, Ray Allen Still Has Two Legs - The Basketball Jones

Hard hitting research from the TBJ I-Team and a gorgeously sarcastic quote from Ray Allen confirms that he does in fact still have as many legs as most people.

NBA Teams as Bands, Obviously: Part One, Da West - Digital Refrain

This writer looks familiar. He's probably a huge dork.

Game 7 is that amount of hours away. I'll see you guys then, when the Sixers are a mere 48 minutes from victory.

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