Sixers Vs. Bulls Game Two Highlights, Iguodala Dunks

No, this shot didn't go in. But Evan got the rebound and was fouled so I'm using it anyway. Plus Hawes doing his best Blue Steel in the background.

The Sixers were decent for the first half of last night's Game Two against the Bulls. The defense was spotty, the rebounding was bleh, Joakim Noah was hitting unguarded jumpshots, and the officials sure as hell weren't bailing them out on any calls. But OH MY GOD THAT THIRD QUARTER. I'm going to be watching that third quarter for the rest of my life. I wish that third quarter could have gone on for at least two more quarters.

Here are some Game Two highlights, complete with not enough third quarter, never enough third quarter.

My favorites, of which there are many:

0:18 - Evan Turner with a nifty steal and bounce pass to Elton Brand for an Ol' Schoo' Chev' slam.

0:41 - Louis Williams to Jrue Holiday with the casual flip to Andre Iguodala for an oop. Dust off your shoulders, Andre - you only just missed your head on the backboard. No big.

1:12 - The third quarter graphic comes up. I'm already peeing.

1:18 - Jrue with a nifty nifty move to create space on C.J. Watson. Child, please.

1:45 - Lavoy Allen gets a rebound, outlets to Iguodala, who takes one dribble then passes up to Turner, who immediately tosses a 26-foot alley-oop pass to Thaddeus Young. Four passes, one dribble, 94 feet, dunk. To all my atheists out there, here's your proof.

1:56 - Iguodala dribbles around Ronnie Brewer and finds Lou, who had faked a screen for Dre, cutting down the lane for a HOLY CRAP LOU CAN GET UP alley-oop. Only Dre makes that pass. Lou got WAY up there but just imagine if that was Andre catching it. All he has to do is learn how to throw 23-foot alley-oops to himself and we can consider him a superstar. Lou's scream was decidedly awesome though.

2:21 - Evan gets by Kyle Korver, averts a double team, and hits a midrange floater. He was gorgeous last night.

And they didn't even include this one of Andre getting ABSOLUTELY FILTHY CAPS LOCK CAN'T STOP WON'T STOP in transition.

More third quarters forever, please. This could be our only win, so excuse me while I cherish this bitch.

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