2012 NBA Playoffs: Sixers. Vs. Celtics Game 3 Links

At an intersection with a four-way stop, which driver can go first?

Big, big game tonight. I'm stoked. I already emailed the guys - demanded that they open the Game Thread at 10 A.M. sharp. As I await their response, let's click on some links, shall we?

Yahoo Sports: Celtics know they're in a fight

The Sixers don't know it's a damn show! They think it's a damn fight!

ESPN Boston: The Truth hurts

This series needs more ‘truth' word play. Not nearly enough for my tastes.

Boston Globe: No support for Pierce

Comment from Boston.com reader, billcus1:

Iguodala is killing you, Pierce! C'mon superstar, stop putting on your show and play some tough ball - your team needs you to step up. We would even take your "crybaby to the stripe" act right now.

Preach it, billcus1. Preach it.

Philly Burbs (Tom Moore): Sixers not just getting close anymore

Good read from Tom here. The Sixers are 4-1 in games decided by seven points or less this postseason. Even a broken clock is right two times a day? Or four times? Or maybe five times after tonight?

Philly Burbs (Ron Burke): Collins is like a driver's ed teacher

Sure, Doug Collins can teach Nikola Vucevic how to parallel park, but he doesn't have the body definition of Mr. Tuttle.

The Point Forward (Zach Lowe): Garnett's offensive foul

Self-explanatory. Really good stuff here on the waning moments of Game 2.

SI Vault: Photos of past Sixers/Celtics series

Look at picture #2. A very agile Don Nelson. Although, doesn't it look like he jumped off the wrong foot on that lay-up? Also, a Scott Brooks sighting!

Philly Sports History: A timeline of Sixers vs. Celtics Rivalry

Monday was the Sixers first playoff win in Boston since 1982. That last win came in Game 7 of the 1982 Eastern Conference Finals, where Andrew Toney, "The Boston Strangler," blew up for 34. Charles Barkley has said that Toney was the best player he ever played with, but that's only because he didn't appreciate the nuances of Matt Maloney's game.

Obligatory Wrestling Clip

Wrestlemania VIII : Undertaker vs. Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Obligatory Booker T Clip:

Booker T vs. Disco Inferno for WCW's TV Championship.

Sixers Clip

Thad Young game-winner against Orlando: Game 3, 2009 Playoffs.

Anyone going to the game tonight? What's the jersey/shirt of choice?

Talk to me.

Go Sixers.

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