Doug Collins and His Sensitive Sixers


Nothing is news. News is when something happens, like a player signing or a rotation change, or a mouse sneaks into Jodie Meeks' hotel room. This isn't one of those things. But because this is a Sixers blog and the only alternative is Booker T pictures, here it is. With all the frustration that has mounted around the dumpster fire that is the Sixers, head coach Doug Collins had himself a senior "get off my lawn/kids these days" type moment after yesterday's loss in Boston. He has pegged his team as "sensitive".

It's terrible, I mean, it's hard. It really is hard." he said. "I honestly find myself during the games looking at the coach [and asking], 'Was I alright with those guys during that timeout? Did I hurt anybody's feelings? Was I OK?'... 'Coach, you're fine, you're fine'... I said 'OK, OK, I just wanted to make sure I didn't hurt anybody's feelings.' That's the sensitivity, and the younger the guys, it seems like the more sensitive.

Good, Doug coaches Little League now. Everybody plays the same amount of time otherwise it's not fair. I once had a playoff win vacated because the coach played me 5 of the 8 periods when I was only allowed to play 4. I'm still stewing. Imagine how Craig Brackins feels.

They didn't grow up with tough coaches. You know, I had my ass kicked since I was six. It's a different time, and so I treat this team very much with kid gloves. I really do, and I'm still looked at as an ogre.

"Collins has layers. Ogres have layers. Collins has layers. You get it? We both have layers." Grab your pitchforks, villagers!

In reading these statements, it's very clear that all is not well within that locker room as of late (and Collins thinks he looks like Shrek). First we had the report from Kate Fagan saying players have allegedly tuned Collins out and now we're getting direct quotes from the coach that, to me, are showing that he's clearly having trouble relating to his team in these tough times.

But don't worry, confidence is not a problem at all. Shoot. Confidence? We've got it in spades. Just ask Lavoy Allen, who hasn't played a meaningful minute of basketball in three weeks.

We try not to look into the past, with the past however many games we haven't been doing well. You know, just look toward the future.

Damn right. Win or lose, his ass is just as numb after the game and it's on to the next one.

If the Sixers are overly sensitive, my guess is because they listen to too much Drake. Just a theory. Someone get this icepick away from my throat.

[This was co-written by Mike and Tanner, who unknowingly wrote essentially the exact same article at the same time. We're twins.]

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