Getting a early start.

Since even teams like the Thunder, Bulls, Heat, and Spurs have people already working on next season I thought I would give it a try from the sixers perspective. Now it would be impossible to do this without ending up without multiple possibilities so I will try and keep this some what focused. I set a couple of guidelines.

First being I do not see the new ownership forking out a large amount in F/A. So i will limit to mid level F/A.

Second predicting who will draft who at what spot being about as easy and reliable as predicting the weather I will look at different positions at each spot and the "top 3" most likely available players at a couple of positions.

Lets start with the Sixers own players that could be lost to F/A , opt out, team options or by the team using there amnesty option

Lou Williams could opt out I think if he does it will be hard but not impossible to replace his contributions to the team and music. If he does leave that frees up some cap space for other players to be signed by the sixers. I hope that he does come back he and is able to provide a spark off the bench.

Spencer Hawes, please do not resign him.

Tony Battie if we need to resign him sure but I hope we dont"have" to.

Jodie Meeks again if we have to resign him I am fine with it I just hope the team is not looking to him as a15 plus minute a game player next year.

Sam Young I hope we re-sign him. He is still fairly young and has some playoff exp. and hopefully will get some more. Has shown a ability to be a good defender and work well within a role on the offensive side while playing for Memphis last year.

Elton Brand I have mixed feelings about. I would love for him to stay but at his salary and with his production I could easily see him not being on the roster next year. I almost wish we could "Roger Clemens" him and just bring him in for the last month or so and the playoffs. The biggest problem with not having him on the roster is you take a chance of your front court being even worse than it is now and not just a little worse but a lo

Now for prospective NBA F/A

Point Guard : If Lou is not on the team next year this could be a pressing need to have someone to back up Jrue and provide a spark off the bench. Not sure if either of the following guys would be interested in that role here but both Aaron Brooks and George Hill will be RF/A with qualifying offers at around 3 million other than those two I do not know to much about the rest. Though John Lucas seems like he could fill the role also

I really do not see any way we end up with or need players like Eric Gordon or O.J. Mayo, or Gerald Wallace, or Nic Batum.

Power Forwards and Centers: Greg Stiemsma, Omer Asik, Marcus Camby, Brandon Bass, Kris Humphries. I think if you could add two from this list it would be great, but even one would be a improvement over our present front court.


Right now we will most likely end up in the area of the 19 th pick in the draft. Seeing what the team needs are and what players are available ( I look at up to 3 spots above the 19 th pick to account for different players being mocked at different spots. I will be basing the choices on scouting reports not game tape please add any additional info.

19 th pick: Arnett Moultrie, Leonard Myers, Fab Meloo are all players that would be a significant improvement over are present starting center and all could be available where the sixers are drafting. Doron Lamb, Tony Wroten , could be targets if Lou is gone and there are no PF or C available at the sixers spot.

Now the team could also pull off a trade and get a pick higher up in the draft or trade our pick and get a player that fits a position of need. I was thinking of looking at the second round picks but it always seems like it is so hard to figure out who really will be available in the second.

Now this is what I think the roster could look like if both Lou and Elton came back.

PG starter- Jrue reserve- Lou, 2nd round pick (or could be used on a 2 guard)

2G starter- Evan, reserve- Sam Young

Small forward starter- Andre reserve- Sam Young and Thad Young

Power Forward- 1st round pick (or you could have Elton here and the draft pick at center depending on the match up) reserve- Thad Young, 2nd round pick

Center- Elton Brand reserve- Nikola Vucevic, Greg Stiemsma

Now if Brand left and Lou stayed I think Omer Asik and Marcus Camby(1 year deal) could be reasonable.

Now if Lou left and Brand stayed you could see Doron Lamb, or Tony Wroten or a similar player drafted. Along with a front court F/A pick up.

Now if they both left well I would like some help with that please leave any ideas for the off season if it plays out this way.

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