Sixers Roster Compared To Rest Of NBA

Apr 16, 2012; Orlando, FL, USA; Philadelphia 76ers point guard Jrue Holiday (11) attempts a jump shot against the Orlando Magic during the first quarter at Amway Center. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-US PRESSWIRE

How many other NBA rosters – contracts and all – would you rather have than the Philadelphia 76ers? Simple question, but difficult to answer.

I've been pondering this question in my head recently, as the future of the franchise and big picture scenarios is all we've talked about for the past few months. I've yet to come up with an answer, partly because I've been so down on the team that I'm hesitant to even look at other teams rosters.

So, here's the question I want to throw out there – so we can discuss in the comments. How many other team's rosters would you rather have than ours? Contracts are included in this discussion, as are the 2012 draft picks (so if you pick the Wizards, you also get this year's lottery pick), but owners, coaches and general managers are not. It's a difficult enough question to answer as is. It'd be even more complicated if front offices were considered.

Post your answers in the comments and hopefully we'll get a nice discussion going. To get is started, I'll give my off-the-cuff answer.

  • Celtics (good chance this year, a lot of flexibility going forward).
  • Bobcats (Love Biyombo + 25% chance at Davis).
  • Bulls (Young D-Rose, chance at multiple titles as contructed).
  • Cavs (Kyrie + another top 5 pick).
  • Clippers (CP3, Blake, Jordan).
  • Lakers (Could win another title, young Bynum).
  • Heat (Lebron, 'nuff said).
  • T'Wolves (Love/Rubio).
  • Nets (Ton of flexibility, potential top 3 pick).
  • Hornets (Cap flexiiblity, two top 10 picks).
  • Thunder (obvs.)
  • Blazers (Aldridge, two top 10 picks, flexilbity).
  • Kings (Tough call, but 12% chance at DMC/Davis front court too good)
  • Spurs (Another tough call, but championship contenders, reasonable cap situation).
  • Raptors (A couple bad contracts, but top 10 pick in 2012 and I really like Jonas).
  • Jazz (Insane cap after next year + Favors, Kanter, Hayward, Burks).
  • Wizards (Nene and Blatche are bad contracts, but John Wall + top 5 pick guaranteed? I'll take it).
That's 17 of the 30 teams. Ironically, right in the middle of the pack – as always.
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