NBA Free Agency: Who To Target & Avoid

I hate to be negative, but with the recent slide by the Philadelphia 76ers most realistic Sixers fans are already looking on to the offseason. As usual, the free agency period this year will bring about much interest and could perhaps be a starting point for the Sixers to grab that scorer they've been searching so desperately for ever since Allen Iverson's departure from Philadelphia. Obviously, it's important to remember to not overpay players. With that said, it's also important to make moves during free agency and improve your team. Here are players that the Sixers should try to target or avoid.

Steve Nash: Avoid

Steve Nash is one of the NBA's all-time greatest passers. But at 38 years old, Nash would be an ill-advised pickup for Philadelphia. The Sixers are certainly not looking for age, and they're essentially set at point guard with Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams. He'd also be quite costly as far as cap space.

Eric Gordon: Target

If there's one player the 76ers should go after in my opinion, it's Eric Gordon. He fits Philadelphia's scheme and is exactly what they're looking for. Evan Turner has shown promise but has also shown that he cannot be a consistent scoring threat on a nightly basis. Signing Eric Gordon would not only bring in 20 points a game but it would also fill up the two guard spot with a dynamic scoring talent. Gordon would cost quite a bit, but I believe his signing would eliminate all the Sixers' needs anyway. The only other concern is Gordon's health, which is very, very questionable.

Roy Hibbert: Target

Indiana and Philadelphia are carbon copies of each other. Perhaps the most notable difference of the squads is the play of the center. Hibbert averaged 13 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks this season and is an ideal height for a center. Coming from Indiana, he's got the whole role-playing and defense first mentality that Doug Collins like to instill. Center is a hole for Philadelphia, and Hibbert would cost significantly less than Brook Lopez and would also bring in youth and added potential, as well as less injury headaches.

Ray Allen: Avoid - The thought of Ray Allen as a free agent may make some Sixers fans mouth water, but Allen is not the signing you'd want. Much like Steve Nash, Ray Allen is an aging guard with just a few years left in him. With the career he's had, Allen would likely loft a hefty price. And if that's not enough, he's not the type of scorer Philadelphia needs. He's a three point shooting specialist, and the Sixers need an all-around scoring skill player.

Jeremy Lin: Avoid

Linsanity is just about over now, so I wouldn't worry about the Sixers making a move on him. The Knicks will likely not sign Lin, so where he'll play next season is a mystery at this point. His injury certainly doesn't help matters, but on top of that he'd make no sense in Philadelphia. Lin is a turnover machine, and Doug Collins preaches to take care of the ball. Once more, he's a point guard, and that is certainly not a need for them.

Kris Humphries: Target -

Mr. Kardashian would have brought a lot of distractions in a year ago, but now that he's divorced I see Kris Humphries as a really nice fit in Philadelphia. In 2011, he averaged 13 points and 11 rebounds to go along with roughly a block a game. Elton Brand is aging and when his contract is done, the Sixers will need a reliable, young option in at the power forward slot. Thaddeus Young prefers coming off the bench and Humphries fits the bill for what Philadelphia wants in the future.

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