Evan Turner stated after the 76ers recent victory over the Nets that he "knew it was coming". Referring to his re-employment with the Night Shift, Evan went on to state that he is "not one of the indispensable players, so I kind of saw it coming to tell the Jruth."

To NOT disclaim my preceding rant, I would first like to NOT state my Penn State affiliations and will NOT reveal to you all that "The Kid ET" has blocked me on twitter.

Now that you don't know those things, I, hopefully along will multitudes of other Philly fans am becoming increasingly more frustrated and impatient with Turner's lack of confidence. Mike and Derek have spelled out several reasons that Coach Collins could be the reasoning for Turners short-comings in the self-esteem category but when you are the AP 2011 Player of the Year and the #2 Overall pick amongst some of the greatest athletes in the world, you have to have some sort of unshakeable swagger. To quote the great philosopher Demarcus Cousins, Evan Turner is "babied".

To add a different and UNbiased perspective on why this might be, I look not to Doug Collins but to (the?) Ohio State University. When you have walk-on bench-riders writing tell-all books about your sensitivity, you have to be very careful in making statements such as the one he stated after the Nets victory. It comes off as though he is almost completely unsure of himself. And while Dough Collins has stated that Evan is very confident and even said that Evan thinks he is the best player on the team, Evan doesn't show it very well. Fellow Buckeye, Jared Sullinger, to me, shows these same signs of being immature and uncertain of himself as he redundantly addresses nay-sayers and doubters; a trend that first stood out to me with Buckeye football players such as Terrell Pryor.

What are they serving in those campus meal plans???

Once again, not a statistical analysis or scientific fact... just a bone I had to pick. I feel much better now.

Long Live Paterno. To Hell with Urban Meyer.

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