A Challenge: Building The Sixers Roster, Second Edition


There's been discussion a' plenty on this site, twitter and radio shows about the future of the Sixers and the proper way to assemble a championship roster. Unfortunately, none of us are the general managers or owners, therefore we have no real say in the matter. All we can do is recline our La-Z-Boys, engage in epic Words With Friends battles with Orestes Meeks and assume our unpaid role as armchair GMs.

As armchair GMs, our resources are limited. We can engage in hypotheticals all we want, but there are too many variables in play to emulate realistic working conditions. Was Rajon Rondo really offered in exchange for Allen Iverson's services? We'll never know. Would a five-year rebuilding plan be a realistic option for a GM, under the new ownership? We have no idea.

So instead of dwelling on the past, and debating whether or not the Sixers should, shouldn't, or should have rebuilt, let's level the playing field for all the armchair GMs out there.

I present to you, A Challenge: Building The Sixers Roster. If you're unfamiliar with 'A Challenge: Building The Sixers Roster', it's a fun, addicting little game Mike and I inadvertently created a year ago. It's designed to see who can morph the Sixers roster into the best 12-man team possible, with certain rules and restrictions.

The Rules

  1. Must have at least 12 players.
  2. Must have a salary $58 million or lower.
  3. Must retain at least 5 current Sixers.
  4. Only one 2011-2012 all-star can be added.
  5. Only one rookie contract can be added (players drafted 2008 or later). No limit on undrafted free agents.
  6. All-Star and Rookie can, and may be, the same player.
Use Sham Sports for salary info. You'll find my roster after the jump. Post yours in the comments, and everybody: REC your favorite/the best rosters posted, so we can crown the ultimate armchair GM.

5 Sixers retained: Andre Iguodala (28), Jodie Meeks (24), Tony Battie (35), Lou Williams (25), Lavoy Allen (22)

1 rookie contract: James Harden (22)

1 All-Star: LeBron James (27)

Other added: Tyson Chandler (29), Greg Stiemsma (26), Steve Novak (28), Delonte West (29), Jeremy Lin (23)

(Age in parenthesis)

Salary: $57.9 million

Depth Chart:

PG - Lin, Williams

SG - Harden, West, Meeks

SF - Iguodala, Novak

PF - James, Allen

C - Chandler, Stiemsma, Battie

Positives: Defense, speed, versatility, three point shooting, rebounding, depth, most players in their primes.

Negatives: No true power forward, limited post-up players.

Summary: With Iguodala locking down the opposing team's best perimeter player and Tyson Chandler defending the opponent's best post player, LeBron would be able to play "free safety" on defense and wreak absolute havoc. Lin, Harden, Iguodala and James would be a terror in transition and all four can handle the ball/play point guard. Chandler would dominate with so many great passers, and the bench is well-rounded/deep.


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