Repeat Mediocrity

Let me just say, I was sucked in by those Andre Miller-Iggy teams from four or five years ago, when we actually led the Pistons during the playoffs (2-1! remember the excitement?), but then really didn't do anything meaningful besides that. And here's my IMO: the Sixers are stuck in another rut of mediocrity. My reasoning:

The Sixers are 15-17 since that 10-3 opening to the season. Doug Collins is making these guys better, right??? Erm, that's probably not happened this season. The record makes it look like the Sixers pounded teams until the more veteran teams got it into gear. I remember early-season victories over the Bulls and Magic. Since then: sub-.500. Since the Lakers game on Feb 6 they've beaten a grand total of one team with a winning record (Celtics on the third day of a back-to-back-to-back, so in other words, with an asterisk), making their W-L record since Feb 6 (vs. teams over .500) 1-11. DC is also letting the two worst shooters in the top-10 rotation take the most shots (Lou & Jrue). Why?

Jrue Holliday: his fg% is worse than it was his rookie season, his assist to turnover ratio has dropped, and basically he has crappy assist numbers. Is he our point guard of the future? Why has his play dropped off?

Frontcourt: Did we just pay Thad Young $7.5 mil/year to be our sixth man? Why is he stuck on the bench? Why does Doug Collins insist on playing the no-hops EB again and again in the starting lineup? Have some faith in the youngsters!

Iggy: four years into his six year deal, he's decidedly mediocre. Not drastically over or underpaid.

Elton Brand: Thank god his deal expires at the end of next year. $17 million is not worth 28 mpg, 10ppg/7rpg.

Lavoy/Nic Alle-vevic: If we're looking to the future, shouldn't we be playing these guys, or Thad, instead of EB's washed-up knees & "I can walk after this year and don't play defense" Spencer Hawes. Also, why did Tony Battie ever start a Sixers game in their place?

Evan Turner: simply not enough by himself to raise the level of the team around him. The jury's still out on whether he'll be a Lamarcus Aldridge type franchise player (good, but can't ensure a winning record) or more of a Dirk who consistently helps the team to a playoff birth. And Collins has yet to show that he can actually use ET to get the greatest impact.

Now they're just good enough to avoid a lottery pick and avoid making any trades for picks, because it feels like the front-office has bought into the concept that this team is good as-is. What hope is there for the future? I'm just insanely frustrated. The Sixers sucked me in with their red-hot start, but since then they've been playing like a sub-.500 team. I'm looking for something, anything to make me believe that they're anything but mediocre. So please, supply me with some home that we're going to be anything beyond mediocre anytime soon.

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