ESPN 25 Under 25: Young & Holiday

David Thorpe and John Carroll of ESPN Insider published their top 25 players under 25 years old. They used three main factors in making their selection including how the player has played in the past (including college), how they are playing now, and how they may play in the future (partially using WARP from Basketball Prospectus). Not surprisingly, a couple of Sixers showed up on the list:

"22. Thaddeus Young, PF, 23 years old

Despite not having a truly defined position, Young makes the most of his playing time coming off the bench, enabling his team to enjoy a huge advantage with their second unit. He's a terrific finisher, attacks the rim and plays within his talent level, rather than launching too many shots or making drives that would likely end poorly. He's only 23, but Young us in the midst of his 5th NBA season. And even though the totals have dipped a bit (in part due to a stronger lineup around him) there's still some upside. Similar to: Antawn Jamison

24. Jrue Holiday, PG, 21 years old

Holiday has not made any big jumps forward, but he's a key starter on a very likely playoff team. His team is far worse when he's not in the game. He has the talent to be a much better defender and finisher at the rim, but he's already a dynamite perimeter shooter and a willing ball mover. Another UCLA player that is showing more in the NBA than he did in college, but also that he came into the league having learned how to play defense. Similar to: Danny Ainge"

(Note: I'm not really sure how much of ESPN Insider I'm actually allowed to quote, so if I need to change something it would be great if someone let me know so I can edit accordingly.)

I think that the placement of Thad is about right. He is obviously undersized for the PF position, but in an up-tempo offense can be a major asset, especially when there aren't many teams with two skilled big men to create a major mismatch.

Holiday seems a little low, even though he hasn't quite advanced this season as many have expected. Jrue ranks as the 11th Point Guard on this list behind the likes Mike Conley, Ty Lawson and Tyreke Evans. Obviously Conley and Lawson are more experienced and probably better right now, but I think there is an argument Holiday's potential to be a factor at both ends of the floor with his size would make him a more valuable player. Though I do understand if one would need to see it first, and I must admit I'm a little unfamiliar with Lawson or Conley's defensive abilities. Evans probably more potential than Holiday, but he has been inconsistent and I'm really not sure he is going to be able to put it all together in Sacramento. Ultimately, I can understand why Holiday is ranked where he is but think there is a case for him moving up. And at the very least I would think he would be above Thad.

I think you could also make a case that Turner should make this list, especially considering his stat-stuffing play at Ohio State. I would imagine he needs to keep up his play this year and continue to improve on his Rookie campaign before he grabs a spot on this list.

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