2012 Super Bowl: Five Imaginary Sixers Prop Bets

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 01: Rob Gronkowski #87 of the New England Patriots answers questions from the press during a media availability session for Super Bowl XLVI at the University Place Conference Center & Hotel on February 1, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! In case you didn't know, Super Bowl 46 will be played today in Indianapolis – a re-match of Super Bowl 42 between Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and Eli Manning and the New York Giants. Whether you're rooting for the Giants, Patriots or neither, there's no sporting event that brings America together like the Super Bowl. Parties, food, beer and 1400 inch TVs are a plenty, but the thing that makes the actual game enjoyable for every fan is gambling, assuming your 21+, of course!

Prop bets have become a staple on Super Bowl Sunday as people attempt to create artificial rooting interest in the biggest football game of the year. Among this year's absurd prop bets (found here) are: Will Kelly Clarkson's National Anthem be over or under 1 minute, 35 seconds, what color will the Gatorade bath be (clear is the favorite) and who will have more points, LeBron James (+1.5 against the Raptors) or Patriots in the game? (I may or may not have wagered on one of the aforementioned props).

To get in the spirit of Super Bowl Sunday I've conjured up five imaginary prop bets tying the Sixers to the Super Bowl. Feel free to imaginarily bet on these imaginary bets amongst yourselves.

Sixers 2012 Playoff Victories (+1.5) OR Total Touchdowns in Super Bowl 46

The (+1.5) next to the Sixers means if you take the Sixers Playoff Victories over total touchdowns you have a two-win cushion. If there's 5 total TDs in today's Super Bowl then you win the bet if the Sixers win more 3 total Playoff games. If there's 7 TDs, you need the Sixers to win 5 total Playoff games to win the bet, meaning they'd win a Playoff series.

Rob Gronkowski Receiving Yards OR Jrue Holiday Free Throws Attempts Over the Last 43 Games

There's only four point guards in the NBA, who play 20+ minutes per game, who have a lower free throw rate than Jrue Holiday (Gary Neal, Jason, Kidd, Steve Blake and Toney Douglas). Through 23 games, Jrue Holiday is averaging an abysmal 1.8 free throw attempts per game. If he plays the remaining 43 regular season games at the same pace he will shoot a total 77.4 free throws. Does Gronk rack up more or less yards in Super Bowl 46 on his bum ankle?

Total Patriots Points (+12.5) OR Total Points Andre Iguodala Receives in DPOY Voting

The over/under for Patriots points has been set at 29 by the sports book. Andre Iguodala received exactly 29 points in last year's defensive player of the year voting. I'm assuming Iguodala will get more votes this year, hence the Patriots being +12.5 favorites.

Chad Ochocino Total Receptions OR (+0.5) Sixers Trades Made Before the Trade Deadline

Ocho is even odds to catch a pass in Super Bowl 46. The Sixers have already made one trade this season (Bye Speezy), but are unlikely to make another one. This one's tricky because both could end up with zero. I don't want to sway you, but I'd take the Sixers trades (+0.5) because I think the odds neither happens are pretty good.

Tom Brady's Jersey Number OR (-6.5) Years Until the Philadelphia 76ers Win a Championship

This one's pretty simple. Tom Brady wears number 12, so you're betting on whether the Sixers win an NBA championship within the next five years. Hmm.

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