Sixers Edge the Suns: Game Recap

What the hell is a Mix Point? - Howard Smith-US PRESSWIRE

So much Jrue. All up in our TVs.

The Sixers rebounded from a tough OT loss yesterday and edged the Suns at the Wells Fargo Center, 104-101. I missed the first half due to a medical emergency inflicted by a trunk of a Toyota, but settled in for an entertaining, back-and-forth second half. The Suns had the ball in the waning seconds with a chance to tie, but Michael Beasley's lay-up attempt rimmed out.

Let's give out some Tommy Mix Points.

Mix Points

-Jrue Holiday. Just an incredible performance. Holiday played perhaps the best game of his career tonight, pumping in 33 points (13-21 from the floor), and adding 13 assists with just 2 turnovers. He was aggressive, in control, and very, very efficient. Holiday got to the line 8 times, and made some absurdly great plays down the stretch. At the 3:47 mark, Holliday pulled down an offensive board off a missed jumper and converted for a three-point play. A huge play in a very tight spot. 5 Mix Points.

-Evan Turner's jumper. Turner knocked down three triples tonight, which, coupled with Notre Dame's unexpected success, has people wondering if we really only do have 28 days left on this earth. As been covered in painstaking detail on this site, so much of Turner's evolution hinges onhis jump shot. Does he have one? Can he find one? Where in the Sam hill is Buzz Bramen? So tonight was, well, nice. 3 Mix Points.

-23 free throw attempts. Be aggressive. Be, be aggressive. 2 Mix Points.

-My Game Thread record. We did it, guys. We finally won one. 1 Mix Point.

Salmi Sad Faces

-The front court. Yikes. The Sixers have to get more production from Lavoy, Spence, and Kwameitis. Lavoy looked pretty decent, but was in constant foul trouble. Spence pulled down one rebound every ten minutes, and Kwame, um, well, I guess he was more active than Michael Olowokandi tonight. 2 ½ Non-Existent Frowns.

-Luis Scola. The most obnoxious 10 points and 7 rebound game ever. 1 Floppy Frown.

-The end of the game. The Sixers were up three with 1.3 seconds left. The Suns had no timeouts left. Phoenix inbounded the ball. Jared Dudley heaved it down the court...and the clock never started. The refs huddled for a few minutes before mercifully ending the game on a very anti-climatic note. Start the clock, timekeeper. You have two jobs. Start the clock. Stop the clock. I need to put you in a better position to start the clock, yeah; but the time's yours. God, that's terrible. 5 Frowns

Kwami Update

He airballed a free throw. If you're scoring at home.

The Sixers host the Mavs on Tuesday.

Final - 11.25.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Phoenix Suns 20 21 34 26 101
Philadelphia 76ers 23 23 34 24 104

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