Final Score: Sixers beat Jazz, 99-93: Immediate Reaction Thread

This is Evan's face after he heard the Bynum news. - Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

The Sixers end their 2 game losing streak by beating the Jazz at home, 99-93 . The Sixers were aided by a strong performance from Jrue Holiday and Jason Richardson.

There was a damper over this game before it even started. Shortly before tip off we learned Sixers Center Andrew Bynum suffered a setback in both knees. Obviously, this is very disappointing and frustrating. Every time we think we're getting closer to seeing Bynum return to the court, it seems like his return just gets pushed farther and farther away. Ugh.

But enough of that for now. There was a game tonight and the Sixers won 99-93. The Sixers got off to a strong start which is exactly the kind of start they needed after that lackluster performance in the Pistons game. After taking a 52-43 lead at half time, the Sixers weren't able to put the Jazz away until a late run in the game put them up double digits.

Some quick thoughts:

  • Another strong performance from Jrue Holiday. He continues to be the Sixers best player and it's not even close. Is he flawless? No, of course not. He needs to get to the foul line more and he can't settle for long 2's even if he's hitting them. They're just not good shots and relying on them too much will eventually catch up with the offense. Also needs to take care of the ball more. While Jrue is great, it's clear he can't carry the team by himself. It's really a shame Andrew Bynum isn't healthy enough to be the Batman to his Robin.
  • Admit it: Jason Richardson has played better than you expected he would. The forgotten part of the Bynum trade played smart and absolutely killed it from beyond the arc. I like how well he moves without the ball in his hands. Plus, VETERAN PRESENCE!
  • The Sixers did a TERRIBLE job at getting to the FT line. The box score says they attempted 10 FTs but a number of those came in garbage time at the end of the game.
  • Dorell Wright didn't play much tonight (5 minutes, 18 seconds). Weird.
  • Coming into this game, the Jazz big men posed a big threat to the Sixers lack of quality bigs. It was no surprise the Sixers struggled with them, but they did enough to not get killed by them.
  • Solid effort from Lavoy Allen tonight. He's playing better recently after a rough start to the season.
  • For an Andrew Bynum hair update - click here.
  • Kwame Brown update: Zumoff said at one point that Kwame has been "terrific" - hahahaha. But at least he's not as soft as Hawes.
  • Damien Wilkins, Arnett Moultrie, Maalik Wayns - DNP.

Final - 11.16.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Utah Jazz 20 23 21 29 93
Philadelphia 76ers 30 22 19 28 99

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Click here for a Utah Jazz perspective: SLC Dunk

Full recap to come later.

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