Have the Sixers become the 2009 Orlando Magic?

I think we all acknowledge that the Andrew Bynum pickup was a quality move and a blockbuster deal.

What's interesting is that the Front Office has immediately taken the stance of building the team specifically to suit Bynum's skills.



Dorell Wright - Career 37% 3PT Shooter who jacked more Three Pointers than any player in the NBA just two years ago.

Nick Young - Career 38% 3PT Shooter who took 4.5 Threes per game last season whose shooting confidence is exemplified by his nickname "Swaggy P"

Jason Richardson - (Who albeit came in the Bynum deal) Career 37% 3PT Shooter who took more Threes than any player in the NBA in 2008.

All three new players with one thing in common: They love the deep ball.

This isn't anything new to most Sixers fans. The Front Office has been clear with their plan: This is Bynum's team, and everyone else on the roster compliments him. It's Basketball 101: If you have a dominant post-player, you play inside-out. When you play inside-out, you get looks from deep. So, get three-point shooters to compliment the big man.

My worry is that this is just a little too formulaic for today's NBA. This is a league where LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh; three players whose styles don't mix at all, are teammates - and Champions.

This is a league where the L.A. Lakers, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and Boston Celtics have needed three star players each to make championship runs.

We've seen what Philly is doing before: They were the 2009 Orlando Magic. This was a team all-in and built around Dwight Howard. He was the king. Everyone else was a jester. It was also one of the greatest examples of inside-out basketball we've seen in NBA history.

While Howard was doubled underneath, the Magic had an arsenal of sharpshooters:

Rashard Lewis, who led the league with an astronomical SEVEN Threes per game and hit 40% of them.

Hedo Turkoglu, who jacked five Threes per game and hit 36%

Jameer Nelson, a point guard who still took 4.3 long-balls per game and hit a sterling 45%

Mickael Pietrus, who took four Threes per game and sunk 36%

Then the rest: Rafer Alston (3.5, 32%) Keith Bogans (3.5, 33%), J.J. Redick (2.8, 37%), Courtney Lee (2.6, 41%)

This was bombs-away basketball at its finest in Orlando. And guess what? That team became Eastern Conference Champions and took on the Lakers in the NBA finals.

So what's the problem?

It was a mirage.

Kevin Garnett was out for Boston and Rasheed Wallace was still in Detroit, leaving Glen Davis to cover Rashard Lewis.

LeBron James was running with Wally Szczerbiak and the traveling scrubs with Big Z Ilgauskas forced to guard Howard.

Miami's second-best player was Michael Beasley.

Derrick Rose was still a rookie and Chicago's best player was Ben Gordon.

The next-best team after that was Atlanta, who remain 100% identical to this day.

Bombs-Away around Howard worked in that NBA. But we live in a different league now. This is an NBA of super-teams. L.A. has Steve Nash, Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. Miami has their big three. OKC has the most promising young homegrown nucleus since Golden State's RUN-DMC. San Antonio has their old Big Three and Boston has the new Big Three with Rajon Rondo's emergence.

The point is, it's great that the Front Office is molding this team to fit Bynum's skills. And for a player who can opt out after one year, that's probably the right call.

But be warned, this won't be a contending team. Acquiring Bynum was not check-mate, it was a set-up move. He was acquired to lure another star to Philly.

The problem with this? How many star players want to play in a system that's all about somebody else?

The Orlando Magic had all the momentum in the world after 2009: The best young big man in the game, likeable role players, heady veterans, a great coach and an emerging Point Guard.

But when every piece to the puzzle is indispensable to the formula, it gets hard to let them go. It leads to bad contracts and a hesitance to make moves. It leads to prioritizing complimentary shooters over competing stars.

This is the inside-out formula. The question is, will they stick to the formula like Orlando did? Or will we see the formula come unglued when Bynum signs a long term deal?

Remember Orlando.

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