Why not Eric Gordon?

As it stands today, following a frustrating and disappointing loss to the New Jersey Nets, the Philadelphia 76ers are on pace to finish in the top half of the Eastern Conference as it pertains to playoff seeding.This is by no stretch of the imagination a blip on the radar or an aboration.I for one believe it is a step in the right direction.Yet as most fans of the Sixers will note,it is a great step forward.To me,this roster is very incomplete and in need of a shake up come seasons end in order to make a run of things.....

This morning I was doin my usual ounds of simming through the sports webpages when i came across this little

Now as it stands Eric Gordon stands to be a RESTRICTED free agent at the end of this season after not coming to and agreement with Hornets management on a new deal.In my honest opinion it would behoove the Sixers to make an attempt to sign him.He is,a Stephen A. Smith says "box-office".I think he would be an extreme upgrade over Jodie Meeks for this team.And yes,I do realize he would be another guard that for the most part has to have the ball in his hands to be most effective.But I think it could work (as seen by the Sixers "going small" last night and other games this year).But how would this Sixers pull it off AND still be able to get better at seasons end.Well I think I have an adequate soliution....

1.Sixers amnesty Elton Brand- Its almost a given that Sixers brass will be letting him go.I can't say that I disagree.I am all for removing that rather large salary from the books.No disrespect to Brand,who has given all he has the last 2 yrs.But he just isn't worth that kind of money.Neither is he worth tying up cap space when we have so much improvement to make before next season.To draw in MAJOR talent like Eric Gordon,at the end of the day,the money has to be right.

2.Sign Eric Gordon-This isn't out of the realm of possibilty.He has already proven that he can fill it up.And one of the very few things the Sixers lack is CONSISTANT SCORING.If they can get 20+ from him every night that would increase the effectiveness of everyone around him.Especially if he does it at a very efficient rate as he has shown the capability to do.

3.Trade Iggy-Let me start by saying that I am a big fan of Andre and everything he brings to the table,especially on defense.Being able to shut off an entire side of the court defensively (i.e. Revis) can not be understated.That is a value most teams would kill to have right now,especially in the playoffs.At the same time I feel that Andre won't be able to do much more than that (btw I am not discounting his ability to fill the stat sheets).With Andre gone we would be able to get Evan Turner into the starting line up as most have claimed is necessary to help him grow (experience=growth).Not only that but if we were to trade Andre and get a solid to good,tough,defensive minded center such as Bogut,McGee,Biedrins,"Sheed"(via free agency),guys like that,I think this team would be in position to contend for years to come.

4.Draft a defensive C,PF-If we can get any kind of solid pick-up through the draft for the front court I beleive we would be in a strong position.We could really make a run of things next season and have a legitimate chance to win the championship.

I know that Doug Collins likes a steady veteran-to-young guy ratio.But if OKC has taught us anything its that being doesn't mean you are not good enough to accomplish great things and go deep in the playoffs.Kevin Duran't only been in the league for about 4-5 years now?The Thunder are the favorites to win the West.I think the Sixers should maybe model themselves after that mold (which it seems like they are).I believe if they follow this blueprint the will be very successful in the VERY near future.

Proposed Starting Line-Up-




Young or Draft Pick/Player via Trade

Bogut/Hawes (if not traded)/Other

Proposed Bench-


Meeks (if not traded)

Draft Pick/Player via Trade





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