The Sixers Frontcourt

Everyone knows me as the guy that constantly rags on Iguodala and laments his and ultimately the team's shortcomings from the wing position.     However, I've gotten a bit of a bad reputation in that    I'm repetitive and I only repeat one argument.    Well,  a short defense.  I'm not repetitive, I'm passionate.   I just feel as though no one(from the FO to the fans),  understands the true calamity of just how badly this team is built.       And so, they cling to the upside of this badly built team.  And I ask:  What upside? 

We were near(or at .500) during the Maurice Cheeks years, from the final vestiges of the A.I-Webber mess to the Dileo Sixers.       Eddie Jordan merely happened to be the most incompetent head coach in NBA history and if not for his connections to this dreaded front office, he never would've gotten  a job.    Made even more insulting was the NBA community at the time praising that incompetent man.     Given those circumstances, of course the team was doomed to take a hit. It's not like they were that great from the start. ANY coach could've propelled this team back to it's .500 state.

The only thing that makes what Collins did impressive,  is that he did it without a starting center.   Hawes is a 15-20 MPG 6 fouls type of big.   He performed that role anyway as he nearly averaged 3 fouls in 20 minutes!  

For as much as I like Vucecic, the fact that he has the same makeup as a Hawes is undeniable.    And so, in a draft of bigs, we were unable to get even a project.     Before I begin lamenting the front-court,  I want to give an idea of what I like in a front-court.

I believe in hybrid bigs like a Thaddeus Young or a Shawn Marion type, but if you're going to go that route, then you need a defensive center(ALA, Dalembert or Howard those types).    In the ideal world however,   I'm an old schooler.

POUND THE PAINT!  If not one dominate big, then two scoring bigs.   Being able to attack the C/PF  position and get another team's bigs in foul trouble opens up driving lanes,   collaspes opposing defenses and gets high field goal percentage shots.  

To this end, we signed Elton Brand and to be fair,  the EB signing isn't what crippled this franchise(this goes back to the wing man argument, which I rehashed).    Brand's more of a mid-range/high post kind of guy than a banger

but he gives us some size and muscle down there.   However, Brand's 32. And the Speezy draft was stupid from the onset and it's stupid now.   You know you have a center that's a malcontent and you know your targetting Brand.    Why do you need to draft a jump shooting  big?   A big with question marks about work ethic no less?  

Now, between Vucecic,  Speezy,  Brackins, Hawes we have the most untalented front-court in....quite some time.  There are no shot blockers.   Though Vucecic looks like a  solid NBA-rebounder(10 RPG in the Pac-10. Not as good of a conference as it used to be but alas)  . 

The front-court is another reason we should BLOW it up(It being a 7-man rotation). Our best big is a flawed hybrid forward(Young), who unless he improves his rebounding and shooting won't give us a major advantage.  Hybrid bigs attract attention. Young's just a very good scorer, plus even if Young attracts attention his lack of passing ability means we would rather him score anyway.

It's a gigantic mess and in more ways than one.  I'm sorry for overly focusing on the wings.  But our bigs as awful

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