This trade makes is a no-brainer!


First off, let me say that I don't understand why every Sixer fan isn't jumping for joy when this news came out. I mean, I know it's been a rumor for a long time, but I would've never thought that Golden State would be willing to do our franchise such a big favor. That being said, I can see your pessimism.

The doubts begin with Evan Turner. What is his position?? Last year when they drafted him, I had no worries whatsoever about him meshing with Iguodala because I thought he was just a flat out ball player. He proved me wrong. There were a few games where he showed up, but I need more than 5 or 6 above average games from my number 2 overall pick. By the all-star break, I had given up on him; trade him while he still has some value. Now we are stuck with an nonathletic Andre Iguodala that we are praying to see develop into the player we all thought he was when we choose him over a center of the future. (Demarcus Cousins)

I have no doubts that "The Villain" will never be an all-star, but can be a great sixth man playing the point-forward just like Iggy. He needs the ball in his hands to be effective, and coming off the bench, he can dominate the ball. With Jrue and someone like Monta Ellis in the line-up, he won't have the ball nearly as much as he would if he ran with the second unit. 

That being said, a trade involving the Warrior's Dorell Wright, a young 6'9 SF with a good outside shot, would do wonders for the Sixer's depth. He averaged 16 ppg last year (Iggy scored 14 ppg) and is just as athletic as Iggy. Even though you give up a valuable bench player in Lou, (and I'm his biggest fan) your getting back 2 possible starters.

It would look like this:

Warriors: Lou Williams and Andre Iguodala

Sixers: Monta Ellis and Dorell Wright

This would give you the starting lineup looking something like this:

Jrue, Ellis, Wright, Brand, Hawes

And your bench:

Turner, Meeks, Young, *draft pick*, *FA signing* (bring Sammy back??)

 I don't know about you, but this trade excites me. I'm not one of those Igouadala haters, (only when he has his Kobe moments) but this is a McNabb situation where I'm just ready to see him go. And I am a HUGE supporter of Monta, and in Philadelphia I have no doubt that he will become a superstar in the association.

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