Don't understand the hate for Ellis, don't overvalue Andre!

I wrote a fan post earlier in the week that discussed two major trades that I hoped the team would consider, the first one was acquiring Monta Ellis from Golden State. A real rumor came out today of such a possible deal, but the majority of the Sixer Fan Base wants no part of Monta Ellis. Here is my pitch, why Ellis makes total sense for the Sixer Franchise:

-In a perfect world if the Sixers did trade Andre, we are all hopeful that either a young big or a go-to scorer would be the compensation that we would be thrilled with. Ellis fits one of the critera's.

-I think many are overvaluing AI2's true value. He is a nice player, who can contribute in many different areas, but never has been elected an all-star and has a ridculous, big contract. When you see his contract ecalating close to 15 million a season, down the road, would you pay that for a defensive stopper who good ball handling skills? Throw in the fact, his offensive game has already peaked an his body has started to breakdown. This maybe the final chance the team can unload his bad contract. 

-No team will give established young talent, for a grossly overpaid, overrated defensive player. The team could look to dump his contract, but no big name free agents are interested in coming to Philadelphia. The team has two directions they could go in, try to land a lottery pick, while taking on some bad contracts to match the dollars or acquire a player who is a comparable asset to their team. Yes, you have to settle for a player who also has some concerns with his game, to complete a realistic trade.

-Monta Ellis lacks size, is a defensive liability, but is a proven, young go-to scorer. Please, stop with the Lou Williams's comparison as Lou wishes he was on the level with Monta Ellis. In my opinion, Ellis is a poor man's Allen Iverson. Gifted scorer, who always is among the league leaders in points and steals, but needs to be protected on the defensive end. Fills a huge need for that #1 scoring option that the teams sorely needs.

-Not an ideal fit for the current group of Sixer players, where the roster needs to be reshaped around Ellis's shortcomings. Team needs to mold their roster around Ellis with several defensive players and a frontcourt scorer for the future. Let's first figure out what trade senario is best for the Sixers to make with the Warriors:

-Ellis, Udoh for Andre, Speights & Meeks

-Ellis, Biedrins for Andre, Speights & Lou

I like the first option better, due to Udoh's shot blocking abilities.

Now that Ellis is in the fold, how do you mold the roster:

-I would flip Evan Turner for either Wesley Johnson straight up or see of the team could obtain Minnesota's #2 overall pick. Minnesota showed major interest with Turner in last year's draft. I do not see Turner being a real good fit at the SF position and with a plyer like Ellis who dominates the ball. If he team acquired Johnson, they use their 16th pick on a big man. If they acquire the 2nd overall pick I would lean more towards Derrick Williams, but the team could also consider Kanter as well. Who knows the Sixers may be able to grab both the #2 pick & Wesley Johnson in a package, with a few contracts coming our way.

If the team landed Udoh & Kanter or Udoh & Williams their frontcourt added a shotblocker with upside and a legitmate, frontline inside scorer. You now have a team who can legitimately compete on both ends of the floor.



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