My Draft: Klay Thompson/Dontas Motiejunas

Klay represents the perfect example of why I want a second first round pick: Yes, we need a legit big man to develop but we also need a  wingman that can actually play the position.    A wing man, I've clarified is a shooter or a slasher or both.   Thompson, a JR out of Washington has shown that with his shooting touch, he's become a prolific scorer.   On and off the ball,  he can create space and shoot contested jumpers as well. That's the difference between a guy like this and Jodie Meeks.  

That being said, the ability to have a guy like this and Meeks on the same team  Not only to have two excellent 3pt shooting threats, but also to have a high percentage FT shooter means you'll be able to win close games. You know, the close games we've been losing since 2001?

There are concerns about Thompson and his lack of athletic ability. Offensively, it means he has a tough time creating shots on his own.  And defensively, it means he doesn't have the strength or foot speed to keep up with his man.    However,   as we saw with a team manning Spencer Hawes and Jodie Meeks, it doesn't matter about your indvidual defense, but your team defense.    If Thompson can buy into  Coach Collins's system as well as use the gifts he does have(Solid court speed,   wingspan and size for the position)  Thompson can be a solid team defender and fit in just fine.

Also, Thompson would have perfect synergy with  Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.    Particularly,   Thompson has shown good passing ability.  Which would make it easier for Holiday/Turner to play off the ball.   In addition, it's my belief that you need at least two good shooters in the lineup, we know Holiday's a good shooter.    Thompson would be that secondary shooter.   And if Turner can get back to his mid-range prowness from his OSU days,  that would be one deadly trio in the half-court.

Collins talked about how the game is more internationalized  and how the 3pt shot has become a major weapon.   If Collins wants to make the Sixers that type of dangerous half-court team, Thompson would be an ideal fit.  

Now, we also need a big.    I haven't forgotten this team's needs.   But can you imagine just how well  Thompson would fit into what we wanna do?   I can imagine it.   And I can imagine how well Holiday/Turner/Thompson would play together.     Meeks/Williams off the bench.     More than enough play making and excellent FT shooting.    In a few years, that core could be something.

Hawes is an excellent back-up center, provided he doesn't foul and actually rebounds.    If we can get a legitimate project that could round out to be a starter, we might have some hope.

Upside....Upside....Upside. We are rebuilding,  a Marikeff Morris and a Kenneth Faried is like saying "Let's keep the core the same and this role player is gonna give us a boost".     Dontas has the upside of being able to hit the mid-range jumper, he has post moves and he has size.    One of our problems last year was the fact that outside Elton Brand,   we had NO ONE we could actually pass the ball to inside the paint.  Most of our points in the paint, in the past came from fast break opportunities.   The title contenders are almost always able to    dump the ball down low. And most teams have a skilled big man or even two. 

Dontas's problem seems to be with toughness,  and we just happen to have the toughest, most spirited coach around.    His upside and his potential fit perfectly in Philadelphia and the system we have here seem to fit perfectly for him.   

When you think about it, there are no real C's where we're picking.   And if we move up to the area of a Thompson-like prospect, I'm sorry but Biyombo simply is not worth it. Let some other team take that gamble, remember Michael Olowkandi? These two prospects fill the majority of our needs and make us a better team. 

People might say: How do we move up(or rather, get that second draft pick), if you know me, you already know my answer.  This isn't a trade thread but you know who I wanna trade. We are rebuilding, this semi-contending period has gotten us absolutely no where. In fact, you could even say it's set the franchise back to Pre-Iverson trade.

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