My Master Offseason Plan-2 huge trade ideas!

We all are aware of the current team needs: a true go-to #1 scorer, a big who can protect the basket and the need for more long-distance shooting. The team can stay the coarse, draft/develop in-house talent and wait until some of their big contracts come off the books or take some chances and look to make it happen in this offseason. Here are two trades that could change the culture and vastly improve the team from being a low-seeded playoff qualifier:


Trade 1: Time to get our true #1 go-to scorer, shot blocker

Philadelphia sends: Andre, Speights, Lou Williams

Golden State sends: Monta Ellis, Udoh,

Why Golden State would make this trade: Jerry West wants more size and defensive prowess in his backcourt. He has stated that the great scoring has given antthing to his new franchise. Would the Warriors also put Udoh on the table? Not sure, but they already have a quality starting Center on their roster. 

Why Philly would make the trade:Ellis instantly gives them a true go-to scorer. With Holliday size and defensive abilities/upside they can make up for Ellis's size on the defensive end, while allowing Holliday to guard the 2 position. Monta's contract is comparable to Andre's, actually a little less. Udoh is that player they seek to protect the basket. Still very raw, but has good upside potential.

Trade 2-Planning for Brand's Depature in another season.

Philadeplhia Sends-Evan Turner, #16 pick

Minnesota Sends-#2 Overall Selection, Johnny Flynn

Philadelphia Selects-Derrick Williams

Why Minnesota would make this trade: they already have two quality players manning their forward positions, along with last year's top 5 pick in Wes Johnson behind them. It is no secret that the Timberwolves were extremely high on Turner last season and have a huge need at their 2 guard position.

Why Philly would make this trade: Derrick Williams is a legitimate, frontcourt scorer who has the verstility to ply either forward position. They can start him at the SF spot intilally, but utlimately groom him to take over for Elton Brand at the PF starting spot. Can score in the low-post, has some range on his shot and is highlly athletic. When you here Olsen the former Arizona Head Coach compare his athelitism with Andre, you know what type of athlete you will be receiviing. Johhny Flynn is just a throw-in due to the numbers the Timberwolves have at the position, now with Rubio in the fold. The Sixers would have two similar, backup scoring guards, where they could move one of them for another pick, if they chose.

 Updated Lineman after 2 trades:







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