Thaddeus Young: Why the Hate?

Just as the title states, why the hate on Thaddeus Young?    Thad had a very impressive campaign last year, a strong rebound from last year where although his statistics were similar, his percentages were well below his norms.   He got back to that, attacking the rim with aggressiveness and he showed much better defensive awareness and better rebounding.    Overall,    NJ Nets head coach Avery Johnson pointed out that Thad is the reason we were 41-41 last year.   Thad will reach his potential eventually, the wing span, the vertical and the court speed suggests that he simply must.  Dude's an athletic freak, with natural basketball skills.    Let's be honest with ourselves: Did we expect Thad to be where he is, right now?

He was highly regarded as a project in the 2007 draft, and that was a weak draft let there be no mistake about that but he's developed into a top 5-7 or so pick in that draft. Certainly, he's better than Mike Conley.     A Lakers fan once posted that Thad would be a top 3-5 pick in yesterday's draft.

I said it before, that the 76ers didn't have so much of a "bench", as they had two players: Thad and Lou, and Lou wishes he could smell Thad's jock.        

Yes,  Thad unfortunately hasn't developed his jumper and yes his handles are undeveloped as well, that's partly management's fault IMO.  They've had Thad at PF for 3/4ths of the guy's career. When he was  a SF,  Thad  excelled with that corner three and was a  15/5 guy. 

But at 23, whose to say that Thad couldn't improve those intangibles?    Doug spoke proudly of Thad and how much of a hard worker he is and how much he improved this past season. 

If Thad were 28 or 29,   I wouldn't be making this argument and I would be on the side of everyone else and say: Let him walk. But he's 23, and he's made strides.    Sure, it wasn't the big jump from his rookie to sophomore year.  But nevertheless, he's improved.  And if he can only take little strides forward, to being a respectable shooter and respectable ball handler.  With his athletic gifts, that's probably enough to be a beast. 

The guy's easily worth 8-10 million per,   he was our Lamar Odom-esque guy.  Giving us playmaking(albeit scoring playmaking but still, he made plays) and just being productive.     Hopefully, Nocioni retires or something so we can be off the hook for his contract.   Should've just orchestrated a 3-way and sent Nocioni elsewhere.   The Lakers would've been a good spot.

Give Thad what he's worth and what he'll command on the open market.   If we can overpay the Nocioni's and Lou's of the world, we can give Thad his proper value.  

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