Post Draft Thoughts, where we go now, lockout forthcoming

I first like to thank Jordan/Michael and the entire blog for putting all the work in and keeping us all informed. I believe everyone who visits this site, appreiciates all the hardwork. It has been a very informative and enjoyable discussing this year's draft. Keep up the great work!

As for the draft, almost everyone is dissapointed with this season's first rd pick and the 2011 draft class. I suppose we shouldn't be too surprised with the selection of Vucevic. Throughout the entire pre-draft process Vucevic, Markieff Morris and Montiejuntas were the three players that were most attached to the Sixers. Usually when there is smoke there is fire! The Sixer Front Office clearly targeted him and appeared happy to land their guy. I also heard the both the Knicks/Nets were also very high on Vucevic. We have already heard the Hawes/Jason Smith comparisons, but maybe he becomes a player like Okur, who has craved out a pretty good NBA career. Personally, I was hoping for Jordan Hamilton and his scoring ability. Bottom line is, no wing player will get any opportunity to shine with Andre still entrenched as the starter. Still having Andre on the roster is more dissapointing than the selection of Vucevic, in my opinion.

Where does the team go from here, depending if there is even a season, with the pending lockout forthcoming?

-Continue developing their young, homegrown, drafted talent. Holiday showed in the 2nd half and in the postseason, he has a very promising career ahead of him. You ask me, he is the face of the franchise now. It is now Evan Turner's time to make that next step, showed flashes throughout the season and in the playoffs, but need to push to become the starter. Both Lou & Thad look like finished products, where this is the best we are going to get out of each player. There is nothing wrong with that, as they nitched out effective roles as instant offense off the bench. Many can argue, that the Sixers bench was among the league's best last season.

-With a season under Doug Collins's belt, he fully knows his personeel now and can rid the roster of players who aren't apart of he future core. Speights is sitting on top of that list, along with Nocioni. I fully expect both players playing elsewhere when next season eventually starts. Don't laugh, I heard a rumor that the Sixers are very interested in signing Vince Carter to replace Nocioini on the roster. Do not know why they would even consider such a move, but he did play for the Nets where our front office executives had him. This is the type of free agent move the team look into.

-Team needs are pretty much the same, after the draft, although they may believe they are now set at the Center position: Go to scorer who can draw fouls and get to the FT line, more outside shooting, future replacements for both Elton Brand and Andre, as they aren't apart of the team's long-term plans. I am fully convinced Andre will be traded at some point this offseason until the trading deadline. They aren't going to dump his contract, which means a comparable player, contract will be what they receive. We already heard about Monta Ellis, but there are a few others who on the same level: Martin, Grainger, Gay, Beasley, Millsap, etc. One will eventually be dealt to the Sixers. With a loaded draft class forthcoming in 2012, maybe a lottery pick would be the best route to go in, but who knows if the front office wants to take that route.

Finally, the dreaded lockout. I have heard the NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement is a 1,000 times worse than what the NFL is going through. Several insiders believe, that next season is in serious jeopardy. Now it is way too early for that, but let's hope they are plying basketball next season.




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