76ers Draft Review: They still don't get it

Jordan Sams did excellent pieces on new Sixer Nikola Vucacic, so check those out.   This fanpost isn't going to go about using statistics or scouting reports,   because I frankly am not qualified to understand those.   If I ever attempted to do so,  I'm sure SOMEONE will ridicule my attempts.    So instead, with the information we do have, I'll give my take on why I absolutely   HATE these two picks and our "lack" of action. But first, check out this tidbit from Stefanski:

"We were thinking about and we were trying to move up and get our guy"



Not an exact quote(but virtually, the same quote from a CSNPhilly article).  Can you imagine the horror had we traded ANY kind of asset for Nikola Vucacic?      As bad as this draft was/is for the 76ers, it would've been worse if we actually traded anything for this guy.      Stefanski acted as though some top-15 team would be interested in the 1.0 Hawes  


Like Jordan said,  Vucacic does fill a need. As does Lavoy Allen.    Lavoy Allen from what I read seems to be a rebounder and a defensive specialist as a big.     Reminds me of another pick, Bobby Jones(the guy that didn't make it in the league. Not the all-star) 

If Allen translates, he fills a need too.    However, as I said: They don't get it.

When I came into this draft, I and I think everyone else was focused on building around Jrue Holiday/Evan Turner. And the reality of the matter is,    Andre Iguodala simply doesn't fit.   He's 28, coming off major injury and an even worse year than last year and he doesn't have Eddie Jordan to blame this time.  Even if they couldn't nail the trigger on an Iguodala deal, the picks should've been used to build around Holiday/Turner.

Chris Singleton  would've been a good Sixer to have.    At first, I shot down Singleton because like Iguodala, he held weaknesses in his game as  a wing that weren't acceptable. But when I saw Singleton's back to the basket game and his strong perimeter and post defense.   I saw loads of potential if Singleton could improve his shot, think Shawn Marion.


Jordan Hamilton is another guy I shot down, because of his terrible shot selection and it turns out that many GM'S felt the same. You can't build around that.  However, as a complementary piece to Holiday/Turner, he's just what we needed.   So I would've been fine with the pick. So long as he's a off-the-ball scoring wing man in half court situations.


And even in the second round, there were some guys left that could've rounded out into some pretty solid players.   Lavoy Allen is the definition of role player and normally, we say if you can get that in the second round, good.


But to be honest, Vucacic is a power forward, not a center. His lack of speed or athleticism of any kind means he'll just be foul prone if we try to make him a center.     Lavoy Allen is another undersized forward.      We would've been better off if we selected Greg Smith.  

I don't know what feeds Stefanski and Thorn's(and Collins's) egos, but we need to take it away from them. This team is borderline mediocre  and they had the potential to make the future brighter and blew it and for what? The chance to win 1 or two more games next season?   I'm making a huge assumption in saying that Vucacic and Allen will actually be positives for our W/L campaign next year. 

They say that it's hard to part with a superstar, because it's hard to rebuild.      So escaping from the mediocrity that King built while Iverson was declining was indeed difficult.   But we all agree Iguodala is no superstar. And this is no good team.


So why exactly is it difficult for those numbskulls to do something for the team's future?

But then again, if they believed so much in this core they would've done something during the deadline last year!  So I firmly believe they're in the middle: It's not that they believe or disbelieve, they simply don't give two craps.

That might be me trying to make it better for us all,   but maybe it's true: Maybe they really don't care about this franchise.

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