Meet the Newest Sixer...

Nikola Vucevic wait I mean Spencer Hawes 2.0. After the jump I will show how similar these two actually are. 

I'm sitting on my couch waiting patiently for the number 16th pick. Then, getting so excited when top prospect Kawhi Leonard fell already to the Pacers at 15 because I knew the Pacers already had a top SF, Danny Granger, and no way would they take another one. But, guess what they did (turns out he was traded to SA but still…). Now I was pissed but still I was Chris Singleton on the board, Jordan Hamilton so I was okay. But instead of drafting a solid SF who would help the team they draft a big white guy who may be the most un-athletic player in the whole draft and is Spencer Hawes in disguise. After cooling off a bit, I decided to see if I was right about Vucevic or could he be a solid player. Here are Hawes and Vucevic's workout numbers and attributes.

Hawes Vucevic
Height w/o Shoes 6' 10.5" 6' 10.25"
Height w/shoes 7' 0.75" 6' 11.75"
Weight     244 260
Wingspan 7' 0.5" 7' 4.5"
Standing Reach 9' 2" 9' 4.5"
Body Fat 13 6.1
No Step Vert 26 23.5
Max Vert 29 25
Bench Press 9 8
Lane Agility 11.88 12.02
3/4 Court Sprint 3.51 3.27


WOW, they are even more similar than I thought. While Vucevic has the longer Wingspan Hawes has the better verticals. But wait their's more….

Here are their ESPN profiles. 


    Skilled big man with advanced low-post moves for a kid his age. Can score with either hand around the basket. Excellent shooter who can play the high post and work the pick and pop. Good passer for a big man. Excellent basketball IQ. As fundamentally sound as any big man in the country.
    Needs to add strength to play in the post. Just an average athlete and rebounder. Struggles as a defender at times against more athletic opponents


  • Big man with a soft touch around the basket
  • Nice face up game with range out to 3-point line
  • Long arms allow him to play bigger than he is
  • Solid rebounder
  • Not a great athlete
  • Lacks lateral quickness
  • Not a great ball handler

Hmmm… both have good low post moves. Hawes really showed that last year. Both good outside shooters. Hawes really excelled with his outside game. And look at this both are not good athletes well that Hawes consistently showed us.

This post was supposed to make me feel better about Nikola Vucevic I have now realized that he isnt even Hawes 2.0 more like 1.1. Ugh sometimes I hate being a Sixer's fan. 

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