Trade Proposal (Three way between LAL-MIN-PHI).

Hey guys, Lakers fan here. I don't know about you guys, but this time every year, in the weeks leading up to the draft, when the NBA media goes TMZ and spits out rumors left and right, I happen to have a love-hate relationship with it. On the one hand, I just love hearing these rumors and thinking about them and breaking them down.. but on the other hand, it gets to a point where some ridiculous rumors get tossed out, and you know that 98% of them fade after a few days and just don't want to bother wasting time on some of them.

Being that as it may, I was just thinking about some of the (many) rumors regarding the Lakers (and, as a bonus, NOT involving D12!11!11!!1), and put together this hypothetical three way based on some of these rumors. As it involved your team, I wanted your thoughts on it and what position of strength/weakness you guys are operating from heading into the draft and, hopefully not lengthy, offseason.


Part 1 of Trade

LAL gets: Andre Iguodala, Martell Webster, Darko, Michael Beasley, and Jonny Flynn. (I'm tempted to try to hypothetically pry Jodie Meeks since we desperately need a shooter, but I think he's pretty important to PHI, yeah?)

PHI gets: Ron Artest, Lamar Odom

MIN gets: Pau Gasol

Part 2 of Trade 

PHI gets: The 2nd overall pick (presumably Derrick Williams? Kanter?)

MIN gets: Thaddeus Young

Caveat: TY is a RFA, so, this would have to be a sign-and-trade? Someone enlighten me, as I'm not all clear on how this would be affected, if at all, by the CBA-Godzilla rampaging the NBA landscape.


Why LAL does this trade: 

1) Because the Lakers get deeper and younger 

2) Webster and a much more comfortable Steve Blake would provide shooting (and even more so if we somehow got Meeks)

3) We address a need at PG with Flynn

Potential Obstacle to LAL pulling trigger? Taking on more salaries, contracts, and basically, almost completely rehauling the team. A overhaul and change in course that would go against much of the rhetoric put out there by multiple officials, players, etc involved with the team.

Why PHI does this trade: 

1) You guys get two proven, solid, veterans that will help now and can help bridge the gap when the young studs are ready to take over. Artest, granted, is not what he used to be, but he's still one of the better defenders in the league, and I'm of the school of thought that playing out of the triangle will do wonders for his offense. Lamar Odom would provide a lot of the versatility Iguodala would leave behind, could start or come off the bench and do everything else in-between. 

2) I don't know how much you guys trust in Turner, but Iguodala being traded would thus open up big minutes for Turner to take a step forward. I don't know that much about Turner, so this could very well be as much a reason to NOT trade AI2.

3) If that Young for the #2 swap is feasible/happens, PHI now has another young stud to build the future around.

Potential Obstacle to PHI pulling trigger? Perhaps there are better trade offers out there. Even with the possibility of an amnesty clause, Ron Artest's contract still not being worth it. Losing their best shooter if they do trade Meeks.

Why MIN does this trade: 

1) Kahn has to win NOW. (Save his job, save face by not letting their 2012 pick the Clips have become a top pick, etc)

2) That whole rhetoric about the Rubio-Pau-Spain connection.

3) MIN is a CLE selection of Williams away from finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. We all know they'd much rather have Williams than Irving, and by trading this pick for Thaddeus Young (who probably would have been a top 3, 5 pick in this year's draft), they're avoiding that danger in addition to getting a fine young slasher to add to a core of Rubio-Johnson-Love-Gasol.

Potential Obstacle to MIN pulling trigger? If Thaddeus Young refuses to be signed-and-dealt to MIN, and/or if David Kahn continues to be David Kahn. Maybe there's a slight concern about the roster becoming thinner, but I think that nice core could attract a few solid free agents.

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