When to throw in the towel

In life, we all face difficult hurdles and lord knows we're facing them everyday.   The economy, the wars, etc.     But we can overcome them, we know we can because we've done it before.   With that evidence in mind, we can keep on pushing.   That's when you continue to fight, you don't throw in the towel just because it's difficult.

When do you throw in the towel?   You throw in the towel, when in effect you've beaten yourself against the brick wall for the zillionith time and absolutely nothing has changed.   For a real life example, whether it's bailouts or quantative easing,  we know that neither works and that both of them are in effect giving money to the fearmongers who wasted the money they had to begin with.    The only reason you would re-engage in that process is if you actually liked getting raped or you've some deal with  Wall Street. 

Now, to tie this to our beloved Sixers.    We finished 41-41,   right around where we finished in 2008 and 2009, and we weren't that far behind in 2007.    We're now in 2011, and effectively entering in the fourth year of the Iguodala ERA. 

We can no longer say "give them a training camp",  this will effectively be the third training camp this group's been together. We can no longer call this a young core.  Well, it has young players but if we're gonna be freaking realistic with ourselves Mo Speights, Craig Brackins and Spencer Hawes  aren't mainstay rotation guys anytime soon.

This group is what it is.....500 and short of  a Thaddeus Young or Jrue Holiday level prospect once again falling to us, we're more than likely to get another Speights or another Carney.   And to be sure, we'll be excited: The guy in question can run and jump,  maybe he's a good finisher around the rim!  But alas, he lacks every other fundamental  in the game and the chances he ever rounds out are extremely slim.  And so, we're back where we started.

We've been here before: After 2003, we've been in a constant state of mediocrity as we tried(and failed miserably) to build around Iverson.  That's why we traded Iverson,  to rebuild and in effect get out of the bondage of mediocrity, even if it meant sucking once and a while. We threw in the towel for a chance to fight another day.

Actually, disgustingly we didn't exactly rebuild.  We re-tooled around Iguodala, then we signed Brand hoping for him to be that low-post presence.  But actually, Brand's a guy who hangs around the mid-range area and bangs only on occasion.   That's not to say Brand couldn't open up shots for his team-mates but alas....To this day, our perimeter core is so pathetic you can cry over it.

We only have one two-dimensional perimeter player on this team: Jrue Holiday.   And he's just a 20 year old kid.   Meeks, equally is a Raja Bell type and is a guy you give spot minutes(15-20) ALA Korver, because if his shot isn't falling he's not offering anything else.   Remember those games where we'd pray for Turner because Meeks couldn't hit the right side of a barn that night?

It doesn't matter how many low-post threats you have, or mid-range shooting bigs, if you don't have perimeter players who can take advantage.     Brand, unfortunately is 32.  Young is NOT a replacement.   I still hold hope he can round into a SF.     A big lanky SF that can abuse his men on the low-block and on the drive(Thad has a deadly first step).  We also have no center, and I think we can all concur that Meeks is a bench player.


Throw in the towel,   the roster demands we throw in the towel. There's nothing to build on, sure yes Brand's game isn't predicated on injuries but how many years at a high enough level?  2-4?  Can we get the defensive anchor center and all-around shooting guard by then?   Are we really going to put the franchise's fate on a kid who didn't exactly have a strong year(Turner?)

And I've all the confidence and fate in Turner.    For the sake of Turner's development and this team's future, it's time we threw in the freaking towel.  

We're not going to magically become a 50+ win team with some mediocre scorer or big man  from a mediocre draft.  Or if we trade for Ellis and open up a huge hole at SF and leave us with absolutely no perimeter shooters whatsoever in the linreup. 

Throw in the towel and take your lumps like a man,   the Celtics won an NBA title, the Thunder seemed primed to rule the Western Conference.     We, who wanted to so heroically "compete", have gotten absolutely no where. 

Karmic, isn't it?

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