Leaning towards wanting a scorer over a big man!

With alot of thought, personal player evaluation and listening to what the pro scouts are saying, I am leaning towards the Sixers taking a scorer over a big man with their #16 pick. Both are immediate needs, but the value should be better in the mid-teen range for a legitmate go to type scorer than a true big man:

-Three scorers have received alot of attention for the last few weeks that are expected to be selected in that 10-20 range: Klay Thompson, Jordan Hamilton & Marshon Brooks. Here are the player comparisons that have read about over the net from some pro scouts, draft sites and some GM's around the league:

-Klay Thompson-compared to Reggie Miller. Not the most athletic player, but can really shoot the basketball.

-Jordan Hamilton-Paul Pierce. Has a good all-around offensive game, but has poor shot selection and would be best served being the top scorer on his team. Very streaky.

-Marshon Brooks-Kobe Bryant. Is a pure scorer who can put the ball in the hole from anywhere on the court. Will need to play a more tradtional position and work on his defense, but has really impressed in the pre-draft workouts.

With all the recent rumors with Andre being dealt, the team would be better served to find his replacement at the SF position. Jordan Hamilton is the only true SF out of this group and would be best suited to fit with the Sixer Team.

Now, the flip side, which big men could be available at pick #16 for the Sixers to consider? Markieff Morris, Motiejunas, Vucevic, Faried. I do not expect a player like Tristan Thompson or Biyombo to make it all the way to pick #16.

Here are the player comparison and a few comments of each:

-Morris-been compared to Rasheed Wallace. His shot has some range, can play well under the basket, but struggles with his mid-range game. Good, but not great rebounder/shot blocker. One of the safest picks in the entire draft. Projects to have a better pro career than his brother Marcus.

-Motiejunas has been compared to Pau Gasol. Has the size and offensive skill set to become a productive starter in this league. His defensive shortsomings and rebounding concerns have made his stock slide, where he was projected as a top 10 pick in last year's draft.

-Vucevic has been compared to Okur from Utah. Has tremendous size and a very good offensive skill set. More of a jump shooter than a low post scorer. Isn't athletic, below average rebounder/shot blocker. You ask me, he is another Jason Smith.

-Faried-compared to Haslem from the Heat. He will make his money with his off the charts rebound abilities, but is undersized and lacks any kind of offensive game. One dimensional player, but extremely good in that area. Didn't the Sixers have a similar player a few years ago in Reggie Evans?

Out of this group of big men, I would only consider the first two on the list and probably would perfer Motiejunas over Morris due to his offensive abilities. Morris wouldn't be a bad selection either, but would only marginally improve the team early on. Morris could be a beast down the road, where Motie., is by far a more risker selection.

If this list of players was still available at pick #16, personally I would take Jordan Hamilton. I don't believe the draft will get the team their new big man, as tha will have to come in a forthcoming Andre deal.

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