Timberwolves Team Overview

2010-11 record: 17-65

Fifth place, Northwest Division

Did not make the playoffs


Round: 1

#2 #20

Areas of Strength:
Kevin Love and Michael Beasley. Beyond their dynamic power forward/small forward duo, there isn't much anyone could point to about this team and call it a "strength." And they both have a long way to go before they can turn flashy stats into actual wins. But an All-Star (Love) and an All-Star talent (Beasley) is as good a place to start as any for a Lottery staple.

Needs Work:
Basically everywhere. The Timberwolves need assistance at nearly every turn. No one has drafted more point guards the past four years and yet they still had to turn to veteran journeyman Luke Ridnour as their only reliable option there. And in spite of all David Kahn's hype about Milicic being the second-coming of Vlade Divac or Bill Walton (in their healthy primes), this team still lacks a consistent presence in the middle.

Two Stats That Matter:
-- The Timberwolves ranked 25th overall in assists (20.1), a feeble showing for a team that has invested as much in point guards as they have in the Draft in recent years.

1-15 -- The Timberwolves' record in the division was disgraceful, at best. It also ranked, by two games, as the worst record against divisional foes by any team in the league.

The Way To Go:
Now that Ricky Rubio is apparently making the trek across the pond from Spain for the 2011-12 season, the Timberwolves can abandon their point guard-apalooza approach on Draft night. With that position fortified with young bodies and a trusty veteran like Luke Ridnour, a new dilemma arises. Two of the top three players in this Draft are bigs: Arizona's Derrick Williams and Turkish center Enes Kanter. But with Love, Beasley and David Kahn favorite Milicic already in place, backup minutes for a player picked with the second overall pick seems a bit foolish. Anyone interested in trading up to No. 2?

2010-11 Team Stats:
Offensive: 101.1 (24th)
Defensive: 108.3 (27th)

Under Contract:
G: Wayne Ellington
G: Jonny Flynn
G: Luke Ridnour
F: Michael Beasley
F: Martell Webster
F: Wesley Johnson
F: Kevin Love
F: Anthony Randolph
F: Anthony Tolliver
C: Darko Milicic
C: Nikola Pekovic

Philadelphia 76ers Team Overview

2010-11 record: 41-41


Round: 1


Round: 2


Areas of Strength:
Balance and depth. The Sixers made the playoffs without anyone averaging more than 15 points per game. And they had a top-10 defense without an interior presence. Doug Collins made the most of his team's talent through coaching and teamwork. Philly had six guys averaging double-figures, including two, Lou Williams and Thaddeus Young, off the bench.

Needs Work:
Late-game execution. The Sixers' overall record was worse than it should have been, because they were 8-17 in games decided by five points or less, when their lack of a go-to scorer really hurt them.

Two Stats That Matter:
-- The Sixers turned the ball over just 13.6 times per 100 possessions, fewest in the league.

28.6% -- Andre Iguodala's shooting percentage (10-for-35) in the final three minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime with a score differential of three points or less, worst among 35 players who attempted at least 28 shots in such situations.

The Way To Go:
With Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner already in the fold, the Sixers should be looking for a big man with the 16th pick. Beyond that, their ability to make moves is still restricted by the lucrative contracts of Iguodala and Elton Brand. They'll surely look at what they can get for Iguodala in the trade market, but priority No. 1 will be re-signing Young.

2010-11 Team Stats:
Offensive: 104.0 (17th)
Defensive: 102.5 (10th)

Players Under Contract:
G: Jrue Holiday
G: Jodie Meeks
G: Louis Williams
G/F: Evan Turner
G/F: Andre Iguodala
F: Craig Brackins
F: Elton Brand
F: Andres Nocioni
F: Marreese Speights

Free Agents:
G: Antonio Daniels
G/F: Jason Kapono
F: Darius Songaila
F: Thaddeus Young (Restricted)
F/C: Tony Battie
C: Spencer Hawes (Restricted)

-- John Schuhmann



Trade Iguodala to Minnesota for Wesley Johnson and the 2nd pick overall in this year's draft, or swap Anthony Randolph (in place of the draft-pick)

*they might want our 16th pick instead, if so then..............................


Who should we select at # 2 Derrick Williams  Enes Kanter right?


*2nd pick : *E. Kanter (Kentucky)

*16th pick : *Markieff Morris (Kansas)

50th pick : J. Skeen (Virginia Commonwealth University)



Projected 2011-2012 Starting Lineup


PG  J. Holiday / Lou. Williams / J. Meeks

SG  E. Turner / Wes. Johnson / J. Meeks

SF  Thad. Young / Markieff Morris / Wes. Johnson ( sign Grant Hill or Vince Carter ?) / J. Skeen

PF  Elt. Brand / Markieff Morris / J. Skeen w/ 50th pick or Anthony Randolph / Thad. Young / Mo. Speights

C  ( sign Tyson Chandler ? / Draft Enes Kanter w/ 2nd pick or Markieff Morris w/ 16th pick ) / Spence. Hawes


*continue to sign & cut player's accordingly.....

Scouting Report - Wesley Johnson

  • Great athlete with long arms and a high basketball IQ. A slasher who can also shoot the ball from any where on the court, including from behind the arc. Has above average defensive skills. He is a selfless team player, with a great coachable demeanor..
  • Needs to bulk up his wirery frame a little bit to deal with the grind and physicality of the NBA.
Career Potential
  • 17.5 PPG 4.5 RPG 3 APG

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