JJ Hickson maybe on the trade block

The Cavs are open to trade discussions involving J.J. Hickson, according to ESPN's Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst is a former top-notch Cavs beat writer, so we're taking this report seriously. Hickson was a force after the All-Star break last year, averaging 16.9 points and 10.8 rebounds. He may not bring the Cavs back the No. 2 pick in addition to their No. 1 overall pick, but they should be aiming high. Hickson is 22 and extremely talented. Jun 16, 12:10 PM Source: Brian Windhorst on Twitter


I saw this little tibit this afternoon from the Rotoworld Site. I do not believe that Cleveland will consider deaing their best player, but if available, the Sixers need to give them a call and hear their asking price. There has been a few pre-draft rumors involving Cleveland with liking Derrick Williams and looking to secure a mid-teen pick to select Marshon Brooks. If the team did decide to take Derrick Williams with the first pick in the draft, there is definitely a surplus at the PF position: Hickson, Williams, Jamison. They already have a solid Center in the fold and a player like Andre could really interest them. Throw in the fact they have that huge trade exception from LeBron and also have a big expiring contract in Jamison.

What type of trade could be worked out to land Hickson? Even better what package could land the Sixers Hickson and their #4 pick overall? What type of deal could the Sixers obtain Hickson with no including Andre?

-A package of Andre the team's #16 pick for Hickson & Jamison would probably become the most fair deal to make. The team would get rid of Andre's contract in 1 season when Jamison would come off the books, get an young PF with experience & upside, where the Cavs obtian that mid-teen pick that you want and add a very good, experience SF to their roster. However, the Sixers would make out like bandits with the exchange of dollars. I would jump at this deal, if it was offerred.

-The Sixers could take a big gamble and try to hold onto Andre, by dealing either Turner or Holliday instead, with their #16th to try to land Hickson, along with the 4th pick of the draft. The Sixers could solidfy their entire frontline in this senario: Hickson with Kanter or Biyombo, where Andre would still be at the SF position. Cleveland would probably ant more to make it happen.

Final Thooughts:

-If Hickson is indeed on the block the Sixer Frontoffice should make a strong offer for him. A young, true PF who has the ability to score in he post. He can hold his own on the defenive end as well. Andre and the 16th pick would be more than a fair price. It is a type of move that helps the team now and unloads a big contract in the process. Thoughts? 

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