Pretty cut and dry regarding any Andre future trade

With alot of thought over the last week, with several possible trade rumors and alot of fan feedback, it has become pretty cut and dry in any future trade involving Andre:

Option #1-take on an expiring contract and obtian a lottery pick. Makes the most sense. Get Andre's contract off the books after 1 season and allows the team to draft his replacement. Here are a few examples of this trade senario:

-Kaman and the 2012 pick from Minnesota unprotected. The Minnesota pick is likely to become a lottery pick in an expected good draft class. The Clippers shed Kaman's salary and fill a big position of need.

-Jamison and this year's #4 pick. Might be too much for Cleveland to give up, especially the draft proceeding James's departure, where they want to send a strong message to their fanbase. Is Andre better than anyone the team could select at pick #4 in this year's draft? Maybe. However, the Cavs already have their two big men in place and are in need of a god wing player, which Andre certianly fits.

In both trade senarios, it has the Sixers taking on an expiring contract and receiving a high pick in return, that would hopefully, effectively replace Andre on the roster. This is probably the most ideal route for the Sixers Front Office to take.

Option #2-trade a bad contract and receive a bad one in return. This is the best opportunity to receive equal value, talent wise. Both sides of the trade will give another a proven player who can help their team out right away. Here are a few examples of this type of trade.

Andre for:

-Ellis (Golden State), Gay (Memphis), Grainger (Indy) to name a few. Each player would replace the talent vaue lost with Andre off their roster. A move that can mariginally help or hurt the team right now. Has no effect towards the future as one bad contract would still remain on the books. Really a lateral move, but a necessary move if Andre no longer wants to be apart of the franchise.

Final Thoughts

Option #1 is the right direction the team should take as it helps the team towards the future. It maybe difficult to secure a lottery pick this season or in the future, but that would be the price to acquire Andre. The team would take a few steps back, but will have the cap flexibility down the road. The team will be in a holding pattern until Brand's contract is finally off the team's books in another two full seasons. At the same time a few in-house fa's will probably be resigned (Thad, Hawes), but also Lou Williams deal expires in the same offseason as Brand's. With Andre off the books, along with the contracts of Brand, Lou the team could become major players in the free agent market in that offseason. At the same time, our current young prospects should be fully developed and in their prime seasons.   


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