The Position: PG (Sixers Off-season)

Here's how it's gonna work,  I'm going to preview our positions one-through five and see whether or not what moves we need to make if any moves.  Firstly, starting with the PG.  Ironically, I believe we're starting with our strongest position.   With the 20 year old Jrue Holiday.    When we mention Jrue's age, it's for merit.   Few 20 year olds are in the league today or heck in NBA  history with Jrue's skillset.   Jrue can slash to the bucket,  hit the jumper all the way out from 3.  He can draw contact when he wants(has to get better at doing it more often). But even more amazing, when the ball's in Holiday's hands, the offense just runs that much better.   Jrue can create shots in the open or in the half-court.    I think we're treated to at least every 3/5 games of Jrue making some spectacular pass, where it's like(note I said like) Jason Kidd-ish: WTF just happened? 


Therefore, I believe it's completely immature to say Jrue Holiday has a ceiling,   a top-5 talent fell down to us at #17, so we should have the same evaulating prospective with Holiday as we do with Turner.   Whereas we've kind of slimmered our expectations of Holiday, sort of as if it's a safe-guard.    We don't have to do that, you do that with projects. You can do that with Thaddeus Young. But Holiday's proven, he had a strong playoffs.


I say this, in light of Doug Collins calling Holiday a Chanucey Billups and saying that's his upside.   For once, I disagree with Doug.  That's Jrue's base.  That's where Jrue is right now.(Minus the post game).     Where can Jrue go?   Deron Williams.    Jrue is a compact guard, much in the same way of a Billups/Williams. But I see more Deron in Jrue than Chanucey. I see Deron-level potential court vision and handles.    Like Deron, Jrue is a 3pt threat.   Jrue wiill take the next step in learning how to use his body to post-up and draw contact.   

Whereas Chauncey IMO is more of a 2nd-3rd option(IE: The more shots he takes,  the less effective he is)  I believe the more involved Jrue is with the game, the better he plays.  Again, like a Deron Williams.

But even though I'm technically giving Jrue Holiday the "upside" of Deron Williams,  that isn't to say I've limited in my mind Jrue's potential.  The kid can become just Jrue Holiday. He can revolutionize the PG position.     And for us, he already has. 

But even with such a stud locked up in a Sixers uniform,   does the PG position need improvement?: Yes. Jrue doesn't have a back-up.    As Doug said "think 82 games, 35 minutes".   And heck, even the 13-ish minute rest was/is risky because of he-who-cannot-be-named. 


DA  BOSS.   He's not a point guard, and he's not even a scorer IMO.   He's a chucker, who like all chuckers before and after him suck just as much if not more than when he's "on".     Whenever Lou is in, the offense deteroriates into  "dribble, dribble 30+ foot 3pt shot!"  Chucking shots up isn't what I call scoring,  but rather taking high percentage shots and playing within the flow of the offense.

What would you rather have? Ty Lawson or Lou Williams?  It's unanimous,  even though they are both spark plugs, Ty understands the game a lot better and plays within the flow of the game a lot better.   And heck, Ty played for UNC and George Karl. So I assure you,  as far as the coaching is concerned, Ty wasn't in some half-court system.  Ty had to disicipline himself. Lou cannot and probably never will.  and then, there's Lou...


But then, I'm not entirely being fair to Lou.   The year before last, Lou showed potential at being that Jason Terry/Manu Ginobili-ish esque scorer and not a chucker. At 45% shooting, I thought he chose his spots.  Chose his shots, and he was really effective.  And true, he'll never be a PG but at least he was making an effort towards it.    Hence last year, I felt this position was strong because I thought not only of Jrue, but Lou as a very effective combo guard.

However,  with Lou's play last year under Doug Collins, in contrast to his play under Eddie Jordan tells me that Lou would thrive in a more open-court, freedom style environment., When Doug told him to be a scorer, he took that literally and ironically in the process, became a less effective scorer. 

If Doug's our future coach, we need to tailor our personel to fit his game.  Hence, Lou Williams's days as a Sixer are all but over IMO.  Atlanta could use a guard,  and maybe that's what Lou needs to jump start his career.   To be one of the guys for his home town team. To be the guy that pushes them over the hump.

Overall, what we need is a second first round pick.    So we can get more front-court help. I believe Lou can command a mid-to-early 20's first round pick.    Lou is one of our assets to be traded, And equally,  in the late-rounds there seems to be some prospective guards that can be that defense-first guard to actually be able to give Jrue a breather. 

Rating(out of 10): 7.5; the back-up PG isn't as important, but it's a need.    To be able to keep the offense stable and get a guy that can also put people in position to score is invaluable.   So let's address our back-up PG spot this off-season.


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