Got another trade idea Revised





So this trade is a three team trade that I think would help each team.  Here's the link the .  The trade involves the hornets, sixers, and wizards. 



Hornets receive Iggy and Mcgee.  They would do this because the hornets still need that number two player to go with CP3, who is also a sg which is a position of need for them.  Mcgee gives them a defensive minded center who is young and cheap, and who is someone that can fly and be the next cp3 chandler connection. 

Sixers receive Emeka Okafor and Jordan Crawford.  This gives the Sixers that much needed defensive minded center who can rebound and score a little.  He also scores on the inside which is a good compliment to brand who scores from the inside and out but more from outside the paint.  It also gives the sixers a young sg who can score and play defense to grab a couple of the minutes that iggy leaving will open up. 

The Wizards get Speights and Quincy.  They get a power forward/ center that can score from outside the paint and gets more minutes he can also play with wall since he has decent hands.  It also gives the wiz a SG/SF who is young and can score.  By taking Speights and Quincy they have a young core core to grow with wall, and maybe Speight will finally bloom. 


The only bad thing that I see from the Sixers stand point is that Emeka's contract is 4 years meaning it ends after brand's, but do we really think we will be able to lore an all star to sign here?  Maybe but I am not so sure.  What do you all think?


If that doesn't work here here is a revised trade.  I switched out the wiz for minny. 
Hornets give up quincy emeka and jack but get a young point in jonny flynn SF in webster and iggy. They save a little but it is not much, they still have the space to add another big or two.

Minny gives up randolph, toliver,webster and jonny flynn and get j jack who can be their starting point guard that they have needed and lou williams QPon and Speights who can give them some points off the bench, since they diidn't have any production from their bench this year.  It seems to me that they have given up on flynn anyway and martell is replaceable with wes and beasley.

Sixers give up Lou williams Speights who all many sixers fans hate believe is lazy and iggy and get Emeka, QPon, and Tolliver and Jonny Flynn.  They would do this cuz they get the defensive big they want, a young Flynn.  They add a little salary in about 300,000 dollars but get a young player who can be a great back up to jrue and may make a nice 3 guard rotation.

The changes to this trade were made after I showed the trade to the Minny blog and got their responses they are definitely willing to do this second trade as is the hornets fans.

What do you think?

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