5 Potential First Round Options for 76ers

Before I start with my projections I want to say some stuff about me. I love the draft I may be the only fan who gets more excited for the draft than the regular season. This year some people are saying its a bad class. I dont think its so bad. I see a number of future all stars and one or two superstars. Picking at 16 is one of the things I hate most about the Sixers. It seems to me that we always are picking in this range. I know why as do all of you. However, picking two made the draft to easy for me. Picking at 16 is much more of a challenge however their are some guys who could be just as productive as ET was (not saying much). So after the jump are five options for the 76ers.

One more thing here quickly are 2 guys who I dont think will but if they do we need to pick them ASAP:

1. Bismarck Biyambo

2. Jan Vesely

Now on to the realistic guys 

1. Tristan Thompson 

This is my dream pick. Unfortunately I dont see him falling here but I could see him falling and us moving up. He is a great rebounder offensively and defensively. He can score on the low block and was arguably the best shot blocker in the country last year. I think adding him to an backcourt of ET and Holiday could make the Sixers really dangerous in a couple of years.  

2. Kenneth Faried 

This guy will get 10 boards a night and will provide the inside presence the Sixers lack. He is a little undersized but has shown against L'Ville and Florida he can play against the bigger guys. He also is a great shot blocker and will help guard the paint.

3. Markieff Moriss 

Many scouts say Marcus is the better player. While offensively this is true I think the defense presence Markieff brings would help the sixers much more. Markieff is also the better rebounder and shot blocker

4. Marcus Morris

He was the best post scorer in college and should be able help the frontcourt needs right away. His size is ideal for a 4 and is a relatively safe pick. The downside is that he doesn't have a lot of upside and wont be great however  he will always be good.  

5. Chris Singleton 
This pick concerns me. I think Singleton is a great player however I see him in the mold of Thad and the sixers really need a bigger player. The positive of Chris is that he is a ferocious defender and covered 2, 3 and 4 last year for FSU. I have him here because he has a lot of upside but still feels too much like a tweener. 
So LB what do you guys think. 

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