NBA Draft 2011: Second Round Targets for the Sixers

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I think we have a pretty good idea of who the Sixers are going to target, assuming they stay in the #16 spot in the first round. Although I am sure I am going to step on the toes of what I am sure is a brilliant article by the writers of this site, I decided to jump the gun and give my second round targets for the Sixers.

The Sixers currently hold the 20th pick in the second round. We must assume they stay in this position. That likely takes players such as Keith Benson and Nolan Smith off the board, two players who will likely be drafted early in the second round. Let's look at players who I would like the Sixers to target in the second round.

Note: Each player's name will take you to their Draft Express page.

Marshon Brooks, Providence

I love the scoring potential Brooks can bring to a team, especially a second unit. While carrying a bad Providence team last year by taking 31.2% of shots, he was able to put up a 114.8 offensive rating, by shooting 56% from 2's and 34% from 3's.

Listed at 6'5", I think he will be able to play defense at the NBA level, especially against the second team, which is where he will likely be most of the time, backing up Turner. It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to being just a piece on offense and not the main guy. 

I think a good comparison for him is Marcus Thornton. There is a good chance he is gone by the time the Sixers draft in the second round but if he is available, the Sixers should leap at the chance to draft him.

DeAndre Liggins, Kentucky

Here is a player whose decision to leave Kentucky was questioned, probably unfairly, considering the amount of talent Kentucky has coming in next year. The benefit to Liggins is that he does one thing exceptionally well: play defense. He can guard a variety of perimeter players and have locked down many capable offensive players while at Kentucky.

None of his tempo free stats jump out at you but there will be a place on a NBA bench for him for a long time if he shows that he can defend in the NBA like he could at Kentucky.

Malcolm Thomas, San Diego State

I am a bit worried that Thomas is more of an athlete than basketball player, in the mold of Stromile Swift, but he is worth taking a flyer on in the second round. He has the length and athleticism to be a good rebounder (11.4 OReb% and 19.9 DReb%) and shotblocker (7.0%, 86th in the nation) and is a good finisher around the basket.

The concern is that he is only 6'8" but fits the mold of a power forward. I don't think he is quick enough to move to the perimeter and could be a bit undersized in the post. However, I came away impressed with him each time I watched SDSU play and he did have a good showing at Portsmouth. An impressive workout could move him up draft boards but he still might be available for the Sixers.

Jamie Skeen, VCU

Skeen may end up being one of the most coveted undrafted players but at the Sixers' position, he could end up being a nice value pick instead of fighting every other team for his services. Skeen came on many radars thanks to his NCAA performance but he was putting up numbers all year, with only 5 games in single digit scoring and 8 double doubles, including one against the Morris twins.

Skeen's basketball intelligence is what sets him apart. He does not have the length, height or speed to score but he uses solid, fundamental footwork and post moves to beat defenders inside. One of his biggest weaknesses is his poor rebounding but his ability to score in the post and be a capable defender could keep in the league.

Was this a homer pick? You bet.

Others considered:

Justin Holiday: I don't love him but he may benefit from learning from his brother.

David Lighty: In the DeAndre Liggins mold

Jeremy Tyler: As discussed here before, if his mind is right and he shows positives in his workouts, it is worth a flyer on him late.


Jordan Williams: Too slow for his size. Don't love anything about his game

Scotty Hopson: Took too many games off in college, worried he will continue to coast despite his talent

Ben Hansbrough: Gag me.

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