I hate this draft...

I've said this a few times today, but I am looking forward to this draft not at all. This might be the Worst Draft Class in NBA History. Do you seriously see more than maybe three of these guys even as solid NBA starters? I don't even think there's one potential All-Star out there.

And after the lottery? I think there are about four guys who look like they could possibly be in an NBA 9-man rotation. If they play to their potential. And they're all limited-use players who are that guy who comes off the bench and gives you 15 minutes of Something. 

And the Sixers? Not gonna get what they need, an impact big (PF or C, either one). That is, of course, assuming that any exist in this draft at of the Euros, maybe, or Kanter. So they'll take yet another middle-sized athletic swingman with "potential" and park him at the end of the bench next to Turner. And in a couple of years, we'll wonder why he never played, and why when he did play, he sucked. But he was the Best Player Available....

So. What to do?


1) Take the BPA and live with the fact that we won't be getting anything out of the pick any time soon. At best, whatever is available to us will be a low-ro guy in terms of ability, and since he will likely play the same position as 2-3 better players already on the roster (yes, I believe that Tha BOSS is much better than Jimmer, which is a pretty damn sad commentary on what I think of Jimmer), don't count on any real contribution. Stockpile him for a year or two (while drafting another couple of BPAs that won't do us much good), then flip all our "exciting young talent" for a couple of veterans that can actually play basketball. This is the Danny Ainge Approach. Of course, it helps to have one of your best friends as the GM of another team, and having that guy still identify himself with your team more than the one he works for.

2) Reach. Maybe there's a guy you love that no one else loves at your spot. Maybe a guy everyone else has rated as late-first or early-second, but you see something there. So you grab him, draft analysts and BPA be damned. This is the Andy Reid approach, if I may mix my sports metaphors. Look at the Eagles' draft this year. It's pick after pick of "we love this guy, we don't know if he'll be available next round or not, so we're going to take him now, even though Kiper or whoever has him rated as a round-lower value. And by the way, #$%^ Kiper and #$%^ you too!" Say what you will about Andy Reid, his teams win a lot of games. 

3) Pray for a Miracle. Jrue Holiday. 17th pick. 'Nuff said. 

4) Trade Out. There's no one exciting left. No miracles happened, Enes Kanter isn't walking through that door, Markieff Morris isn't walking through that door. You're giving a four-year guaranteed contract to a guy you are pretty sure is never going to crack your rotation. Why take him? Chances are, someone will be willing to give you something for that pick. Possibly a crappy team wants another turn at the trough. Possibly a good team wants to move up and get someone at least tolerable. Maybe they offer to switch picks, plus a second-round pick, if they're the good team. Maybe the crappy team offers their high-second this year and their (probably lottery-protected) pick next year. 

I suspect that #1 is the most-likely choice for the firm of Thorn, Stefanski, and Collins. Including the eventual Danny Ainge Flip in 2013, once some salary dollars exist to pay the incoming veterans. But I, too, can Pray for a Miracle :)

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