Waste of 4 million; Sixers pick up Hawes's option

Hawes may have had one stretch in December-January of good basketball...that's it.   When I first   heard of the Samuel Dalembert for Hawes trade, while on RealGM I was optimistic like a blind squirrel who thinks he found a nut to crack!  Looking at his BPG numbers(Which at the time was 1.3), I assumed Hawes was at least, a weak side defender and while not a Daly he wouldn't hurt us either.  Boy, was I wrong, dead wrong....

The only argument people give around here, is Per36.   This is the argument that if Hawes actually plays 36 minutes, he would average so, so or so stat.   Let's test it out with the playoffs    36-24 is 12 minutes, or virtually one quarter of basketball. They are assuming if Hawes plays 12 minutes of basketball, he'll get 4 rebounds.  To simplify it further, they're assuming he'll get one rebound every four minutes.


Unfortunately for them, in the time Hawes did get(25 minutes too many), he pulled down a wait for it...4 rebounds.  He pulled down 4 rebounds in double the minutes, he would need to in the perfect  hypothetical quarter.   So what do we do? We divide.  Basically, in 12 minutes he would probably pull, wait for it....2 rebounds.


Hawes in reality, would  have averaged around 6 rebounds in 36 minutes....That's a laughing shame!  I don't think there's a center/forward that averages 6 rebounds in 36 minutes that's a legitimate starter for any of these playoff teams. 

And since everyone and their mama here has claimed Hawes to be a back-up, they can't really use the per36 argument anyway since they themselves concluded that Hawes has no right playing thirty six minutes.  

Looking further at the series with the Heat, you really DON'T want me to bring up the numbers.   In games 1-2-5, Hawes was literally useless.   Boarding a total of FIVE rebounds in three games...FIVE!

If not for Games 3-4, Hawes's series would've been catastrophically awful.   

Okay, so Hawes had a horrible playoffs to say the least and was responsible for the most part for our 4-1 loss but what about the regular season?


But here's where Per36 comes into play. Hawes, on average averages about 22 minutes a game.   And for 22 or so minutes, I'll profess that getting 5.8 RPG is pretty impressive.   Unfortunately, Per36 can't play a part in any debate if Hawes can't stay out of foul trouble:

Last 3 years average:

3.2 FPG

2.7 FPG

2.5 FPG

And remember, he's only playing roughly 20 minutes.  Let's add 12 or so minutes and I'll be fair and say he commits one more personal foul.


4.2 FPG

3.7 FPG

3.5 FPG 

He's a defensive liability, he doesn't go strong for the boards.  He doesn't grab with two hands very often, he's not a shot blocker. Offensively,   the "Peyton Manning" at the center position averaged 1.5, or 0.7 APG less than last year.   I must say, pretty lame.

The career 66-68% FT shooter took a big dip....all the way down to 53%


He was, on all ends and facets of the court a liability!   


What is Hawes and was he worth it?

Hawes is a banger...that's it. On the occasion that he can stay on the court, he may very well be able to hit the glass. 

But only on those occasions(see: January-December).  Hawes's game as a banger is 50-50.  If the refs don't call it, his wide and heavy  frame allows him to get rebounds he otherwise wouldn't get because Hawes in no way, shape or form actually boxes people out. Re-watch that game 5, and count how many times Hawes was a FOOT behind his man while trying to "box out" for the board.

Dalembert, for all of his flaws, was able to understand what he could do with his gifts: Swat shots.

Hawes, with  his gifts if he hit the strength room. Yes, he doesn't need to get any wider, he needs to get stronger!  And he could use some lessons from Moses Malone about a basic concept called "positioning". If he does that, he   could be a monster rebounder and a strong inside force.    

Would someone take a flyer on Hawes? Maybe, 7 footers don't grow on trees and there's no denying that there's some talent inside Hawes.   If I gorge out my hatred for what he doesn't bring and look at what he does bring, I'd say yeah I'd take a flyer on him.  

Just not for four million.   More like the LLE (Low Level Exception), I'm talking in the realm of 1-2 million bucks.   Now, one could argue that the difference between 4-to-2 million is insignificant and normally I'd agree.    However, the likelihood that Hawes bulks up and starts to develop the concept of a natural big man is very small.

And if you combine his salary with that of Andres Nocioni, assuming we get a "true starter", we'd be paying 10 million in bench players that would probably be 9-12th men.

Some things never change...The Sixers Front Office, and you ridicule me.    How do you feel about 9-12th men being paid roughly that of Andre Iguodala.(10 million to 13.5 million)?


If not for HORRIBLE management skills, Iggy's contract wouldn't be as half bad as it looks to be.  

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