The 76ers have hired LeQuan Glover as their GM.

**Ed Snider and Peter Lukko were sitting to the right, and to their left was a teenage caucasian male, drinking some spring water.  As the reporters gathered around them, Ed Snider looked nervous at what would be a controversal hire. He began by explaining**

"LeQuan Glover is a basketball genius,   few men of his young age know the game like he does.  While I was golfing, he happened to be on the golf course, he knew what I looked like and we spoke sports. Then he turned his attention to this franchise and told me what we'll need to do to get over that hump and what we'd have to come to realize about this team.  And he has me sold on what he intends to build.  He wants to build  a team that's like this city: Blue-Collar, values every possession and yet dominate.  He talks about how Philadelphia is a premier sports market and how he intends to build the Sixers in that way.   And well, with further ado. Here's the new GM/President of Basketball Operations, LeQuan Glover".


There was some clapping but also some skepticism, LeQuan took the microphone "First off let me thank Mr.Snider and Mr.Lukko for providing this opportunity to me. Secondly, let me lay out my background.  I've been a fan of this silly team for ten years. I've seen the 01 Finals team, I've seen our gradual decline. The Shaq/Kobe Lakers, the Webber Kings, the Nash Mavericks, the Pistons/Spurs, I've saw the LeBron Cavs of 07'.    I've basically seen it all. So I know what works and what doesn't, and what we've been doing doesn't work and  will never work no matter 

how many pretty phrases we put on it."


Reporter: "Could you, in a nutshell describe the problem for the Sixers?"

LeQuan: "Outside of Jrue and Brand, we don't have  a single two dimensional player on this team.  Evan Turner can/should and will be featured but god damn.  What I mean by two dimensional is offensive/defensive.

Too few of our wing men have any offensive capabilities whatsoever and the one that DOES(Young), has not been developed by this front office.   And he's below average defensively. 

The bigs are worse, we knew the Dalembert trade was retarded but we didn't think it was THIS bad.  Spencer Hawes(5.8 RPG) averages as many rebounds as Iguodala!  And fans wonder why we can't keep Miami off the glass?  Also, between Hawes and Speights you have the worst defensive duo possibly in NBA history."


Reporter: "What about Iguodala, isn't he multi-dimensional?"

LeQuan: "Simply put, he is if you're a basic fan that looks at numbers. But as a GM, Statistics is or should be about 10% of our work. The other 90% involves watching the games. Larry Brown/Pat Croce were obsessed with the Sixers.  Hence, they actually built something unlike the clowns I just replaced." 

"Iguodala is multi dimensional in that he's a good rebounder,  he's  a solid open court passer.  And he's an excellent defender. But Iguodala is  a WING MAN in the NBA. I'd damn well say the only skill he's good at that's required for his position is defense."   "You can't post-up Iguodala,  he's not a spot-up shooter.   He's not a slasher, he doesn't have great handles just average at best. Hence, you can't isolate him. Do you realize I named just about every way to score in the half-court?"

Reporter: "Yeah"   

LeQuan: "So with all due respect to Doug Collins, but when your wing man may be one of the worst half-court scorers in the league, that might just be a little problem."  

"But hey, every casual and die hard Sixer fan whether they admit it or not, acknowledges this problem .  The problem is, go on Trade Checker and find every worthwhile wing man. Then find out if we can acquire that wing and/or would they fit.  The answer, most obviously is no."

Reporter: "So that means....?"

LeQuan: "First off, I'll tell you all what I told Stefanski/co: "Reality Check!  If the playoffs were seeded like the NCAA Tournament, we'd be the 14th seed in the tournament. That is, we're the 3rd worst team among the top-16 teams."  

"We're 3-to-5 years away from winning anything! So keeping these long-term contracts is just incredibly retarded, no matter how versatile and how special they are.  And since we're only the fourteenth seed, we're not that special.  To put it bluntly, we wouldn't make the playoffs if we were in the West!"

Reporter: "So, your plan.."

LeQuan: "Just watch".  


Trade #1:

Sixers send:

SF Andre Iguodala 


Kings send:

#5 overall in the draft 

Sacramento has struggled with it's SF position since Ron Artest left. They've some 26 million in cap-space according to ESPN, the worldwide leader in sports.  This is NOT a Charlotte-esque situation for Sacramento. The Bobcats had relatively no talent whatsoever on their roster with their best player being Gerald Wallace.  

The Kings, with Evans/Cousins need  a glue guy that can lead their team forward.  Iguodala's that guy.   And since they're still very close to MAX space at 13.5 million after the trade, they can still add another crucial piece.   


What about us?  What can we get with a top-5 pick in this weak draft? And who replaces Iguodala?

I'll answer the second question first: Evan Turner. I know earlier, I said I'd prefer him at 2 guard due to what I see as a lack of athleticism and that might be exposed at the forward spot.  But hey, Hedo Turkoglu was a psuedo-all star for the Orlando Magic and no one would confuse him for Tracy McGrady.  

Secondly, Meeks is a bench player and I'm about tired of seeing us getting owned at the guard spot.  Furthermore, the bigs taken at the top of this projected class would normally be mid-round picks. As such, I can draft a big in the mid-rounds.   


Round 1, pick 5: Brandon Knight, PG/SG Kentucky

Brandon Knight at 6'3, 180 is compared by many to be a Jrue Holiday clone.   However,  I'll take a page from David Khan's book.   Knight, unlike  Flynn however can actually be the compact guard a Joe Dumars was.  I'm drafting the real thing, Knight would be an instant upgrade in the back-court as not only can he be a guy to hit shots for us but he can also be  a great perimeter defender.  With Holiday/Knight, we could shut down other teams wing men.  


Trade #2: Lou Williams for #25(Boston)  

As far as we're concerned, Lou Williams has maxed out his POT.  But that's fine with Boston. They need bench production, from anywhere :D  Lou will give them exactly that, let's just not mention what else he'll bring.  


Round 1, Pick 16: Kenneth Faried(Morehead ST.)

Reach?  Well,  I want big men depth. We NEED it. And at the mid-rounds, the term "reach" no longer exists in my mind. They're all relatively the same: Players with upside but also with huge question marks.  Kenneth Faried's a rebounder, we need rebounding help.   Perfect fit for the Sixers? Yeah ;) 

Round 1, Pick 25: Bismack Biyombo(Congo)

I know, I know. Not another project!  But he's  a major shot blocker with a huge wing span. At least that alone should translate.  And if nothing else,  we have some young energetic bigs off of our bench.  Done are the days of Jason Smith,  Marresse Speights and Spencer Hawes.  

Round 2, Pick 50: Chris Wright(Dayton)

Raw, but athletic. I see him as a Trevor Ariza.    Actually, I'll admit that I'm unfair and that all of these athletic wings are rated very poorly by me. You'll see that I avoided a wing man in that formula in the first round.   They very RARELY translate and if they do, it's a few years down the line. But hey, it's a second round pick.  

We have some cap-space, space that I'm hesitant to use. If Wright does translate,  then he'd be stuck behind a resigned Young and Turner.   Besides, the way I see it, we're now in position for Dwight Howard.  

I'll resign Young,  Young's a talent and talent is something we lack.  I'll argue that Young's salary shouldn't accelerate.  Most I'll pay is 45-50 million(That's 9-10 million annually for 5 years).   He'll have financial security, as well as the security that he doesn't have to go move to an unknown city.  He'll be with a coaching staff that's excellent and management that's finally committed to at least TRYING to put a winning formula on the court. 

Since we're resigning Young, I'm letting Hawes walk. It's also Speights's last chance to prove he's worth something. 

PG:Jrue Holiday/Brandon Knight 

SG:Brandon Knight/Jodie Meeks/Chris Wright 

SF:Evan Turner/Thaddeus Young/Chris Wright 

PF:Elton Brand/Thaddeus Young/Kenneth Faried/M-16

C:Bismack Biyombo/M-16 


One of the things you'll notice with this squad is that in Holiday/Knight/Turner/Young/Meeks(heck even Brand) is that they're all two-dimensional. And the guys like Biyombo and Faried are players whose skillset we lack.  

This roster is certainly potent, but it's a few years away at the same time.  I'll openly admit I don't care whether or not we make the post season(though I believe with the prowness of Holiday/Knight/Turner it's possible.)  

The next phase is a Howard signing, Biyombo is basically a Brendan Haywood clone if we're lucky.  


If we do get the top-5 pick next year, it'll obviously be that of a PF as Brand expires.   It'll allow Howard to seam in perfectly at center,  and this roster will be complete.  

Many people will say that my hypothesis relies on a Howard signing.   Not so, for all we know Biyombo could develop to be a perfect starter. And/or, it can be addressed via future drafts.  I'm patient, I'm willing to wait.  

The core is Holiday, Knight, Turner, Young. With Biyombo/Faried as very sexy looking role players, it's only a matter of time.   

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