What Happens to Sixers in Playoffs (part two)

The Sixers have not officially made the playoffs but I would imagine that they will. At first, we imagined that the standings in the East remain the same for the rest of the season. In my first segment, Sixers were up agains the Heat. I thought they would face the Heat (no pun intended) but the Celtics have been slipping a bit so I figured I would write about how the Sixers would fare against the Celtics too, since it seems like the Sixers could go against either team.

I feel the Sixers have a better chance at beating the Celtics since the trade the Celtics made in letting go of Perkins. They just don't look that great now. Sixers have a meeting with the Celtics in April so we'll get a good chance to see how the team does against Sixers.

Game 1

I can hear Zumoff now, ranting on about how the Sixers started 3-13 and how Collins turned things around. In the first quarter, Sixers and Celtics are going head to head. National TV analysts are amazed at the Sixers. Liberty Ballers is holding their breath. Fourth quarter comes around. Sixers are down by 9. Sixers run up on the Celtics until Ray Allen knocks down a 3 (wide open) to put the Celtics up by 7 with 45 seconds to go. Celtics hang on to win.

Series: Celtics-1, Sixers-0

Game 2

Well the Sixers are once again in a tight battle. 5 minutes left. Sixers down by 4. Louis Williams chucks up a three with 2 seconds left on the shot clock but misses. But wait! There's Elton Brand "With a MAN'S REBOUND!" and scores on his put-back. He makes the free-throw. Now it's 2 minutes left. Sixers up by 3. Ray Allen...knocks down a 3. Not to be outdone, Lou comes down and immediately knocks down a 3 ("And DOOOOWN it goes!") to put the Sixers back up by three. Celtics take the challenge and make a small run. With 14 seconds left, Sixers have the ball out of a timeout. Zumoff is now mentioning how successful the Sixers are out of timeouts. The ball ends up in Andre Iguodala's hands. Of course it's an ISO and he dribbles out the clock to 5 seconds. He starts to make a drive. The defense collapses and Iguodala kicks it out to an open Jodie Meeks in the corner. He shoots and...OHHHH YES!!!! it goes in! Sixers win at the buzzer.

Series: Celtics-1 Sixers-1

Game 3

Whew! What a game 2. The media is in a frenzy and, the series home-court advantage is with the Sixers. But let's get on to game 3. Sixers burst to a double digit lead to start things off. But Celtics are not ready to call it quits. Plus, the Sixers are known to blow big leads. Celtics eventually come back to within 5 in the third quarter. But the Sixers mange to hold on to have the lead to start the fourth quarter. And that would be the last time they lead. Up by one to start the quarter, Sixers have a bad defensive first possession and Celtics take the lead. After a few minutes, the Celtics are up by double digits. Sixers, also not the quitters, come back to within 2. But Celtics hang on to win.

Series: Celtics-2 Sixers-1

Game 4

Sixers and Celtics start out slow but Sixers end up running the show midway through the second quarter. BOSS is knocking down shots, Hawes even makes a 3-pointer! Holiday snags a triple double all while being able to hold off Rajon Rondo from driving too much. Even though Celtics have the "Truth" in Paul Pierce, Sixers have the Jruth. 7 players score in double digits for the Sixers in what is a typical Sixer game.

Series: Celtics-2 Sixers-2

Game 5

Back in Boston, the media is starting to fire up the "Celtics getting old" engine. Everybody is also talking about how the Sixers are too young to handle. some have even gone to last year's playoffs. They are comparing things to how the Lakers barely beat the youthful Oklahoma City Thunder in game 7. But the stubborn Celtics refuse to give up. Sixers start off the game similar to last game. But Pierce just isn't ready to quit. Pierce starts knocking down big shots and earns his Academy Award for best Actor as he gets fouls called for him. By the third quarter, Iguodala is in some foul trouble and Nocioni is getting abused. Desperate, Collins dusts off Evan Turner and puts him in the game. Turner actually is not that bad on defense but it's not enough. Sixers lose by 8.

Series: Celtics-3 Sixers-2

Game 6

Sixers return to Philly still feeling good. Even though their down 3-2, they have been in every game. Of course, most teams that win game 5, win the next game (or at least the series). With that said, here is game 6. Celtics, realizing that they can finish the series off, jump on the Sixers early. Sixers keep coming back but for the first half, Celtics' lead ranges from a 6 point lead to a 14 point game (back and forth). Half time has the Sixers down by 10. Third quarter begins with a Celtic run to blow the game wide open. Sixers, fighters that they are, attempt a mighty come back but are never able to get within a 7 point game. Celtics go on to win.

Series: Celtics-4 Sixers-2


From the looks of it, I imagine that the Sixers will put up a fight for most of the time. The fact that they have the highest scoring bench helps a lot but the Celtics have depth too. Thad Young's quickness advantage is cut short because the Celtics use Jeff Green to cover him at times. Last time the Sixers met the Celtics, they did a great job on Ray Allen. But it's no coincidence that Allen is the leader in three pointers made in NBA history so I expect Allen to get his jabs in.

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