How to go from Pretenders to Contenders

First Off I want to start by saying. The Sixer are already dangerous. They have been neck and neck in games with the best teams of East. While I believe there definitely is a way to upgrade the roster. I do believe that the non-trade at deadline was a good idea. Trades need to be made just not in the middle of the season it took some time to get the current roster to gel. You dont want to mess with that in the middle of season. I believe we should keep Iguodala because of the talent level in the East with Lebron, Camelo, Paul Pierce, and Joe Johnson, a elite wing defender is definitely something needed but  if an attractive deals comes along like a pick and a starting quality bug even with a bad contract we take it because as much as might need his defensive its his everything else that sometimes kills and helps us win games. If ET actually fixes his broken shot like published. He might be the floor stretcher we  need and actually could develop to be even better than brandon roy. I still think we draft Keith Benson out of Oakland with our late 1st even though he isn't slated that high. we could trade maybe trade meeks and speights(wishful thinking maybe even Lou) for a shot blocker and develop him like we did brackins whom I think with some bulk could be a solid maybe even a force for years and with Benson able to the 4 and 5 that should be a plus.  and try and scope up John Jenkins(wit Meeks or not) a stephen Curry clone from Vandy he would be a nice back-up to jrue and ET. So here is my rough draft roster of "Solidation":


AI9 or defensive stopper with 3pt range


Defensive BIg

John Jenkins

Craig Brackins(all me crazy but he reminds me of a weaker Lamarcus Aldridge)

Keith Benson

Lou Will *the Boss*

Jordan Jefferies(Hate on him if you want but he guards 1s-5s *Dreams* I think he's signing with the nets)

but these changes would make us instantly better and have players that copliment each

Feel free to add your spin....or tell emhow much of an idiot I am but be ready to explain why

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