Zumoff Takes LAWAD Dong; On to Best Nickname

Here are the results from yesterday's voting. The Dong for Best Zumoffism was between locking all windows and doors and turning garbage into gold, but it never got very close. LAWAD has that catchiness to it that TGIG doesn't. Congrats go to Marc Zumoff for both winning and losing the category. All you, baby.

With the Oscars tomorrow, we have our last round of voting and the penultimate category of Best Nickname before the final Best Commenter voting takes place. We've got our share of nicknames here at LB -- some have come from logical places, others from empirical hearsay, and others from silly names. Here are your nominees.

1. Darius Songaila - Dongaila

What began as a simple typo from Jordan (the S and the D are neighbors on the keyboard!) turned into a revolution. At The Hive and SB Nation's Rohan Cruyff recognized it as "the funniest nickname of the year." It's gaining steam nationally and we're petitioning to get it officially changed on the back of his jersey. Though Craig Brackins has played a whopping 21 minutes as a Sixer, the Hornets trade is a huge victory for Philly with the Dongerest acquisition of the year. Also, Shots.

2. Jrue Holiday - The Jruth

The LB trademark of "Where you can't handle the Jruth" comes from young J-Rue himself, who can also go by Jrue the Damaja and a flurry of other clever titles. But it's the Jruth that stands out here because of this video taken by our Tanner at the Draft Lottery where we got the number 2 pick.

3. Evan Turner - The Villain

While Turner is a terrific human being, he got the nickname at OSU as the Villain for breaking the hearts of many a home team when the Buckeyes took them down on the road. It's easily the sexiest, most dangerous nickname of the lot and once Evan starts playing superstar basketball, this nickname will be everywhere. Also, my ET Villain t-shirt gets worn at every opportunity.

4. Louis Williams - BOSS

He makes $60K a game. He came to Philly not asking for no favors. He made his first million before he ever got laid. He's a BOSS.

5. Jodie Meeks - The Jodiac Killer

Jodie has a propensity to knock down daggerific three's at every opportunity, thus killing the opposing team and earning him the nickname of the Jodiac Killer. I do not think he shares many similarities with the Zodiac Killer, although the unknown serial killer had quite a jump shot.

I have a feeling this is going to be a tight one. Vote now because the voting is only for one day and we'll get into the BEST COMMENTER voting starting tomorrow. Who's excited? I'm excited.

Dong 'er up.

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