My Trade Deadline, caring for the Sixers

The deadline's 3 days away and unless you like .500 records then you'll enjoy my paintjob on the Sixers. I know I will

Trade #1:

Sixers trade:

G Lou Williams(BOSS!)


Lakers trade:

5 Million dollar Trade Exception

F Derrick Caracter


Derrick Caracter had/has his issues, which is why he fell to the 2nd round but the past is the past.  But Caracter is the Anti-Speights.  Caracter can finish around the rim, rebound the basketball(at least, according to his collegiate career. I'll profess we don't have the slightest amount of data to "project" his career.)

But we get rid of the BOSS and don't really take any salary hits, mission accomplished.


Why do the Lakers do this?  Lou gives them a Jason Terry-esque/Manu weapon off the bench.  Sort of a big 3 for benchies,  Odom/Lou/Shannon.   Jerry Buss has complained about the Lakers lacking a punch, here's a punch.   Just be warned Lakers fans, at times Lou ain't exactly a system player.  


Trade #2:

Sixers trade:

PF Elton Brand


Nets trade:

PF Derrick Favors

G Jordan Farmar 

"C" Johan Petro

F Kris Humpries 


This doesn't accomplish the ideal, which would be wiping off Brand's contract but it accomplishes that other thing. Namely, we wanted the 19 year old Favors just as much as we did Turner.    And not only that, but Farmar's been a pretty decent PG.  He's been a champion with the Lakers, he's won at UCLA.    Adding him to this now young locker-room is a big bonus.   And Humpries isn't that bad(and himself, an expiring).  


As for the Nets, nets fans might cry foul but Avery Johnson hasn't been quite pleased with Favors, who has also had translation issues.  Namely, he can't stay out of foul trouble. He's averaging 3.3 FPG in 20 MPG.     And while Farmar has been a find, you can find a Farmar in the draft and not at 3 or so million.    You'll live, or at worst we'll take Outlaw's contract.  Enjoying Billy King?

Elton Brand's overpaid, there's no denying that. But no offense, he's ten times better than  Petro/Farmar. He's been a  constant dbl-dbl(15/8 this year) And as much as I love Jrue,Devin Harris is more mature and attracts more attention, freeing up EB42 even more.  

Normally, Brand's contract would prohibit teams from making a move  but NJ  still has a situation where they can get a guy this off-season(though with Melo off the market, the market got thinner).  

If you can turn that cap-space into a third weapon(maybe Gallinari?),  the Nets can be legitimately competitive along with their draft picks.


This makes the Nets significantly  better, but our future got a lot brighter Sixers fans.  


Trade #3:

Grizzlies trade:

G OJ Mayo

F Demarre Carroll 


Sixers trade:

F Andres Nocioni 


I'm sorry Noceone,  but Nocioni just isn't getting time here.    And the Mayo-Memphis saga has been told and again. This is an opportunity to rob a team of an asset.  With Mayo/Meeks, the SG position is looking good in terms of offense.   


Trade #4:

Sixers trade:

F Mo Speezy

F Thad Young


Blazers send:

C Joel Pryzbilla

2012 First round pick

Neither Speezy/Young fit into our future, but a future first sure does.   That, and the cap-space.


When it's all said and done, we will lose 25 MILLION(with an M) in salary, and keep Andre Iguodala. Not only that, but we'll have upgraded the guards and the forwards spots for the foreseeable future 

So, let's look at the new roster:

PG: Jrue Holiday/Jordan Farmar/Evan Turner

SG: Jodie Meeks/OJ Mayo/Evan Turner 

SF:Andre Iguodala/Evan Turner/Evan Turner 

PF:Derrick Caracter/Kris Humpries/Craig Brackins

C:Derrick Favors/Spencer Hawes

*Krapono, Pryzbilla and Songaila are expirings, so really they don't count* 

We'd need to hope that  one of Caracter/Brackins can mature into a starter at PF, since Favors looks more like a  C.

We can also sign a PF if need be.    But with Farmar/Mayo coming off our bench, Meeks.  I think we have enough shooting. 


We've put ourselves in a position again to contend a couple of years down the road.

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