Sixers's Surprises and Disappointments

Despite the Sixers below .500 record, I believe the season, so far, consisted of more ups than downs. Even though we've had some "did that just happen"-type losses, we've also had some pretty good wins, NY, NO, ATL, SA, DEN twice, ORL, CHI to name a few.  I feel the same of our individual player performances this season, more positives than negatives. In the beginning of the season, I'm sure we've all had our own expectations on how we thought each player would perform.  Here are just some of  MY OPINIONS of each player's season so far. Feel free to disagree with me.

Jrue - About where I expected. Last season/summer league, he showed flashes of brilliance that probably had people ready for him to be an all-star this season.  This season, Jrue has shown his age some and the lack of gaudy numbers probably has to do with Doug taking the ball out of his hands with Lou and Dre. But we have "something" with Jrue, I think he can hold his own vs. anyone.

EB - Way above my expectation. Did you see this coming? The only reason I thought he was even starting was because of his contract. Boy was I wrong. EB's in great shape, most consistent player, best post defender, team leader. He may not be 20/10 but he's trying give Philadelphia there money's worth. A pro's pro.

Dre - About where I expected. I know Iggy's scoring is down some, maybe the nagging achilles' is the blame, but he's made up for it on the defensive end. He's always been a good defender but he's locking up top-flight scorers. And the new point forward position fits him to a T.

Spence - Slightly surprised. Hear me out. I guess the way Sac gave up on him I had low expectations. Early in the season, I questioned why was he even in the league, but over the last couple of months I seen a little aggression, hitting the boards well, good court awareness and shooting. Still has a ways to go before he's considered the center of the future.

Jodie - About what I expected. I envisioned Jodie doing exactly what he's doing now. My only surprise is that he's a starter and not our 2nd pick. But from last season/summer league, I thought Jodie would be great coming off the bench to give us a spark with his shooting.

Lou - Slightly surprised. I know there's alot of Lou bashers out there but I like Lou. We all know Lou can score in bunches but I'm slightly surprised that he's Doug's go-to guy to close games.

Thad - About what I expected. Thad worked on his game a little, better passer, slightly better defender, and not taking three's. Thad is what he is, not a starter but a high energy 'tweener who'll abuse a mismatch.

MoSpeezy - Kind of a disappointment. I think this guy has the talent to be one of the better PF's in the league. Offensively, he's so gifted. But he's a freaking black hole and loses focus on the defensive end. That being said, he should not being get DNP- CD's. Darius Songalia, really?

Evan Turner - not where I expected. With the 2nd pick, I thought we were getting an aggressive, NBA-ready 6'7" do-it-all guard who can get to anywhere on the court with his size and ball-handling. Not exactly. I'm surprised his game hasn't transitioned more rapidly.  But he's far from a total bust. He's a great rebounder, pushes the break, has excellent court vision and plays good D. My prayers came true when we drafted Evan Turner, hopefully he becomes the star I saw at Ohio State. 

Noce - Kind of disappointing. Disappointing because I like Noce's game. He's a versatile banger who could stretch the floor. He hasn't been able to get time partly because the guys in front of him have been playing well and partly because he not playing all that great. Still, I like him if anyone gets hurt.

Battie - About what I expected. Tony's a grizzly vet. Locker room leader, good post defender, a decent 15 footer (even though sometimes he feels he's the first option). I like him as a back-up center.

Jason Kapono - Kind of disappointing. I at least thought he would be in the rotation especially after a decent ending to last season. Jodie kind of took his job as the man who can stretch the floor. Jason's no bum, he would probably do well on a team like the Lakers, Celtics or Heat. He just doesn't fit into the Sixer's plans.

Darius Songalia - Slightly disappointing. For some reason I thought he was a little better than Jason Smith. I was wrong. 

Craig Brackins - About what I expected. I figured he was too raw to contribute. Unless the Sixers were horrendous, I knew he would not really be a factor.

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