A Challenge: Building the Sixers Roster

A lot of the discussion on this blog revolves around trades, youth, and turning the Sixers into a championship contender. We've all thrown around ideas of what moves and/or players we think would place the Sixers on the fast track to the Finals, and nearly Trade Machine'd ourselves to death. 

Well, now's your chance to put it all together and build the ultimate Sixers roster, with a few restrictions. Mike posted a similar exercise over the summer, where he challenged readers to select one player from the rest of the league to place on the Sixers roster for the remainder his contract, using these guidelines:

1. Said player can not be a rookie or sophomore.

2. Said player can not be making $8 million or more this coming season.

3. Said player can not have scored over 20 points per game last season.

4. Said player can not be Joakim Noah. Obviously.

5. Said player can not have been a top 5 draft pick.

6. Said player can not have a PER greater than 18.25 (Sixers leader last season -- Lou)

(Mike and Tanner picked Marcin Gortat, I chose Eric Gordon, and Derek went Kendrick Perkins.)

Taking it a step further, your new challenge is to mold the Sixers roster into a championship contender. It's entirely up to you whether you build a roster to compete now, or a roster destined to compete in 5 years and beyond. Here are the rules:

  1. Must have at least 12 players.
  2. Must have a salary $58 million or lower.
  3. Must retain at least 5 current Sixers.
  4. Only one 2010-2011 all-star can be added.
  5. Only one rookie contract can be added (players drafted 2007 or later) update: undrafted free agents are acceptable.
  6. Mike's previous rules DO NOT still apply.

You'll find my roster after the jump. Post yours in the comments.

5 Sixers retained: Evan Turner (22), Andre Iguodala (27), Thaddeus Young (22), Jodie Meeks (23), Jrue Holiday (20)

1 rookie contract: Kevin Durant (22)

1 All-Star: Kevin Durant (22)

Other added: Udonis Haslem (30), Marcin Gortat (26), Wesley Matthews (24), Kyle Korver (29), Kris Humphries (26), Kendrick Perkins (26)

(Ages in parenthesis)

Salary: $57 million

Depth Chart:

PG - Iguodala, Turner, Holiday

SG - Matthews, Korver, Meeks

SF - Durant, Young

PF - Haslem, Humphries

C - Perkins, Gortat

Positives: Lineup versatility, size, defense, rebounding, defined roles, well-rounded, all-around depth, mixture of young and old.

Negatives: Inexperience, no threat to consistently score in the post, injury concerns in the front court, thin at point guard, rely too heavily on Durant to score, scoring when Durant's on the bench.


(P.S. Rec your favorite rosters in the comments.)

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