Favorite Former Sixers Still In The League Today

Hey it's been a while but I've been coming to visit this site almost everyday. I don't comment on everything but even in the lockout the Liberty Ballers Community still have their sense of humor. Even though I'm a staff writer at another Sixers blog, I still gotta come here to keep up with one of the few very active blogging networks. Keep it up all of you. Doing great work.

I was just reflecting on some things recently. There are a few rumors swirling around that the Miami Heat are going to go after Samuel Dalembert this off-season. Kyle Korver continues to light it up from the arc. And I got the thinking: Who are my favorite Sixers that are still playing in the NBA on other teams? I cheer on most of the former Sixers on their new teams.

This is not a "Who are the best players" list. This is a "who is my favorite player" list.

#4 Andre Miller

Whether he wanted to be here or not, I liked how well he ran the Sixers' offense. And he's one of those underappriated players for most of his career by fans and yet teams welcome his ability to either assist or score his team to victory. He was never going to be the best scorer on a team but hey, he brings more positives to a team than negatives in my opinion. And what was up with the 3-point shooting. I'm pretty sure he hit more 3's as a Sixer than his career before being a Sixer. I thought that was cool.

#3 Samuel Dalembert

Yeah ok so how in the world did Sammy end up here. Look, I hate that his contract was so big. I hated that he was inconsistent. I'm convinced he blocked Andre Iguodala's game winner attempt @Dallas against the Mavericks. Through it all, when he was focused, he was a dangerous Sixer in the paint. He rebounded, defended, and led the league in goal-tending (if such a stat was kept, I'm sure he would be the leader). At least he tried; some players just raise their hands and expect some kind of miracle. I think if he stayed with the Sixers this past season, coach Collins could have gotten some consistency from him and an already good defensive team would have been that much better. We'll never though. I would welcome Sammy back to Philly (less money though. A lot less money).

#2 Jerry Stackhouse

I liked Stackhouse mainly for his ability to dunk and still hit the 3-ball fairly well. During his time with the Pistons he became a star but for some reason I liked him more during his Maverick days. I’m not sure if Stack retired or not but he did play for the Heat last season so technically he’s still an active player in my book. Ok yeah Yao Ming and Shaq retired but I didn’t hear from Stack yet so I’m assuming he’s still going to be available if anybody wants to sign him. Anyway, he’s only spent 2 seasons with the Sixers. I wasn’t involved in the NBA at that time. Still, I loved using him in video games. I’d make him dunk on everybody. I don’t know man, Jerry was always ok in my book.

#1 Kyle Korver

Who else? Kyle was at the top of the league for 3FG% two seasons ago. I remember that triple OT game vs the Celtics. I never had seen a triple OT game before then so it was new for me. Oh sure I heard about them but never actually watched an entire game like that. even made wallpaper for your computer desktop for his buzzer beater that sent the game into the 3rd OT. Kyle was also someone who could take a charge. Loved it. He dove for loose balls too (he’s busted his chin a couple of times). Simply put, he could shoot. He may never beat Ray Allen in a 3-point shootout today, but I don’t care. Speaking of 3-point shootouts, that 2005 all-star weekend was one of the busiest weekends for the Sixers in a while. You had the rookie challenge featuring Andre Iguodala on the rookies and Korver on the sophomores. Kyle ended up setting a rookie-sophomore record for 3 pointers made in a game. Then, Kyle made it to the finals of the 3-point shootout before losing to Quentin Richardson. Allen Iverson topped it off by winning the All-Star game MVP. Best. Weekend. Ever (unless the Sixers won a championship on a weekend).

So that’s it. What are your favorite players that are still in the NBA? Below in a poll asking if anybody on my list is tops on yours. Thanks for reading!

A user-created LB joint. The Liberty Ballers staff does not contribute to FanPosts.

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