I Can't Believe It's Really Here


First and foremost, welcome back everyone, It was looking very bad there for a while but thankfully we will have things to talk about that are happening on the court instead of in the court. I'm absolutely ecstatic that we're going to get to talk about potential, BOSSiness, raising the roof, dong shots, the Vucevic orchestra, and tanking amongst many, many other things. I haven't been able to think clearly or rationally since we heard the good news about the season, but I will try to do my best to express things I am thinking/excited about for this season not in any particular order just my stream of thoughts.



1) Evan Turner. Does he take the next step? Has his work with Herb Magee improved his game and will he look more like the player that won national player of the year for the Buckeyes? I remember seeing one of his tweets during the early part of the lockout and he said that he was very happy about the things that he had accomplished with Magee and was "ready to ball out" whenever the season starts. He also said in the tweet he wants the ball in his hands and wants to help the team in any way he can. I love that he is excited and confident about the upcoming season but I'm hoping his work with the hall of fame shooting coach has improved his catch and shoot ability because that is something we really need for the team to be more successful in the half court offense and we already have players that need the ball in their hands to be successful. I'm confident that he will improve on his rookie campaign but curious as to how much improvement will be made.


2) Jrue Holiday. How good can he be? Will Coach Collins let him take the reins or will he use Iguodala in the point forward role again. I think the majority of us, if not all of us, want to see Holiday lead this team and I think he is ready to take control. We, and people around the country, saw flashes of his potential in the playoffs series against Miami (see video) and I'm excited to see him again this season.


3) Joshua Harris and the new ownership group. Without being able to do much due to the lockout, they have had limited opportunities to make an impression on the fanbase. However, with the opportunities they have had, they have done everything right so far. We need fans in the building, so what do they do? They slash ticket prices by almost 50 percent. I don't think you can make a better first impression than that. Also, they have done a great job with reaching out to the fanbase and want our opinions on how to make the game experience better. Now that the lockout is over its time to see what direction they're going to take the team. They said all basketball decisions will be left up to Coach Collins and Rod Thorn but you've got to wonder if Jason Levien is going to have a place in personnel decisions at some point. Will they finally make a move to win now or build for the future or will they continue to be a middle of the pack franchise? Will they be aggressive in pursuing free agents? I'm excited to find out and to move on from Snider and Stefanski.


4) Can Nikola Vucevic prove all of us wrong? Entering the draft we all agreed that we needed a big man. We got one, he was also the biggest one in the draft, so what's the problem? He seems to be Hawes 2.0. That being said I don't want to write him off before he takes a dribble. What we do know is that we lacked big bodies and he certainly is a big guy. Another thing we know is that the Vucevic Orchestra will be used heavily in game threads and I may be more excited about future Vucevic photoshops than actually watching him play. Seriously though, I hope he proves us wrong and can be a solid contributor to the team this season.


Other things I'm excited for:

  • Bismack Biyombo.
  • Dong shots
  • Raising the roof
  • Pathetic triple doubles
  • zumoffisms
  • Liberty Ballers drinking games

What are you guys excited for?

I love basketball. I love Liberty Ballers. The season is 28 days away. I'm rambling. #showyaluv

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