Have no fear Roy is here

I can remember the first time i was watching the sixers game in the 2001 NBA finals. I found that I was astonished by the magic like performance of the once great Allen Iverson. After the jump, I will share with you my history of being a sixers fan. Also I will share what I think the sixers should do to become legit eastern conference contenders


The exact day was unknown but I still can't forget the emotion I felt when AI3 hit that corner three right in the face of then Laker guard Tyronn Lue. I got up screamin all over the place. I ran outside of my parents apartment in south philly only to hear the entire block screamin in excitment an joy over the shot that allen hit. This wasn't just another shot, this shot symbolized what philly fans were about: Brute strength and a I don't give a S@#$ attitude when it comes to our sports.


     At that moment, I knew that this was the team that I've always loved. Life seemed great. We beat both Kobe and Shaq and we had a seris lead, then reality struck. That game was the only game philly won in that final. Once again the Lakers proved that they belonged in this league. I could vividly remember how quiet school was, and even the neighborhood was dead silence over the tragic loss.

Over the years, philly has struggled to stay relevant in sports. But the tide is turning in our direction. The eagles are slumping but they'll improve. The phillies got bumped out hte playoffs early, but still look good for a long time. Flyers are always in contention, and my beloved sixers are getting a boost for the better with both new management and a good young core consisting of Evan Turner, Jruth, Thad, and Lou, with Meeks.

 To all reading, you may find this story usless, but always remember that we are philly fans, it don't get tougher than us. With all of our struggles, things will get better sooner rather than later.

karma is a woman that will stalk you til the ends of earth and wait for the right moment to strike. Boston is really feeling this heat.

The nets will amount to nothing for a few more years, Toronto is still in rebuilding mode.

New York is really our only competition.

Picture this in your head:

Enter a dark room that has a large business like table. Brandon Roy is sitting across one end of the table with his agent.

On the other side is Blazers management. They all look tough and tired and not making eye contact. No one utters a word as Brandon's agent pulls out a fully stuffed briefcase overflowing with papers. He glances at the people across the table and shuffles through some papers.

Agent: So now that we are together, it has been brought to my attention that Mr. Roy is very unhappy with his role on this team that was thought to be his team.

Blazer management: Very well, if it must be this way then their is no choice...

The mood freezes and a door suddenly opens. Out pops a shadow.

In enters new sixers owners Josh Harris and Adam Aron.

Harris: Ok people shut the f@#$ up and listen to what i'm saying, roy is coming with us and there is nothing you can do to stop us.

Suddenly, the room shakes and the roof blows open and up in the sky, is a helicopter with Iggy steering it.

Iggy: Grap the f@#@er and lets go man my contract is too big for this ride to handle!

A rope comes down and Roy graps the rope, links up and Harris and Adam are no where to be found.

Blazers management: Damn, now we can finally give Lamarcus his stardom and win the west.

To bring it all together, the sixers need to claim Roy off waviers once the Blazers use their amnesty clause on him. It makes sense for them to get rid of their former star with unstable knees.

This is a huge risk, because if roy is healthy he is a very special person capable of scoring 20.0 a game, giving Iggy his defensive role if we choose to keep him. Now I know that Roy will need the ball but maybe this young stud can help bring some positive influence to the sixers locker room instead of a greedy, broken jump shot overpaid moron who can only set up teammates and play top league defense.

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