My Parting Shot to Mr."Basketball Decision"

In the end, he really never could make a single basketball decision in his time as a Sixers General Manager.  And that's what led to him being kicked out the door and leaving me to wonder what the hell are the Raptors thinking in hiring this man?

Everyone will famously remember the Elton Brand signing, but everyone here knows what I remember and crucify. News of the Iguodala signing broke out in 2008,    back then I was on RealGM as "Dedicated_76ers_fan" along a UCLA Bruins fan, we lambasted the move the minute it was signed.  For shortly after the playoff series, it was evident to anyone with half a brain that Iguodala could neither shoot over the defense  or drive into the defense.  It was evident to us that Iguodala would not be a top-3 option in the NBA.   No, not top-1 or top-2, I'm saying he's a non option. That's what we said in 2008.   


Yes, yes  Iguodala's defense/rebounding/assists are all valuable, but the cute thing is: None of those register on the scoreboard.    We might've actually been able to win a game against the Heat without needing a 30 foot 3-pointer from Lou Williams if Iguodala were a slasher, or heck a low post option as a wing man. 


So what was Stefanski's excuse for Iguodala?    In essence, that it was the Pistons and he expects Iguodala to improve, laughable if not for the fact he just pissed 82 million dollars down the drain. Thankfully, it's only a five year deal and not a six year one. But that's like saying thank god I have seizures and not a brain tumor.  

So what did Stefanski do after locking us in salary cap hell? Absolutely nothing,  the article linked above mentions  drafting Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner as a "notable move".    That should show Raptors fans what to expect moving forward. 

But hey,  we traded for Jason Kapono(who ended up being useless.) and Spencer Hawes!  Only, Hawes is a 10th-12th man and you removed about your only shotblocker from the lineup.  Worse yet, in Nocioni  you took on additional salary where we were trying to get out of cap hell. 


But things are now looking up for the Sixers.  Not only do we have new ownership but the guys who singlehandedly destroyed the Sixers are still in the Atlantic Division. Billy King(Nets)   and Ed Stefanski(Raptors) and the Celtics have broken down.

Since the Sixers are the champion of mediocrity,   they may very well be the champion of the Atlantic Division provided the decline of the Celtics continues.   But if new ownership/Thorn were smart, they'd bide their time and rebuild. To turn it into an Atlantic Division Dynasty.

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