#NBARank: Are the Sixers Properly Ranked?

About two months ago Jordan wrote an article about ESPN's player ranks and his projection of where Sixers would fall in those rankings.  ESPN is now nearly done with these rankings (they're at #6 as I type this) but clearly every Sixer has been listed already.  I figured some may be interested in where they ended up.  I'll start with the "worst".

500 - Lavoy Allen

Already mentioned in Jordan's article.  Allen has never played in the NBA and there's a chance that he rarely will so I don't see how they could possibly rank him or any other rookie.  That said, I have no problem with the ranking.  I wouldn't be surprised if he never steps foot on an NBA floor in a regular season game.

400 - Antonio Daniels

Hardly a Sixer and hardly matters.

391 - Nikola Vucevic

I still question rookie rankings.  As much as I disliked the Vucevic pick at the draft I doubt he's any worse than Brackins.  Rookies ranked ahead of Vucevic who were drafted later than him: Donatas Motiejunas (386), Chris Singleton (360), Marshon Brooks (347), Kenneth Faried (331).

362 - Tony Battie

"The Closer" is apparently better than Vucevic.  What a bad draft pick! (note: that last sentence was rich in sarcasm)

354 - Craig Brackins

I have no problem with this ranking.  I think you'll find that I have no real problems with any of the rankings.  Only a few minor quibbles.

339 - Jason Kapono

Fitting spot for a bench player who hardly played for a .500 team.  One might argue that he's ranked too high.

274 - Jodie Meeks

Jordan predicted he'd be ranked about 180.  274 seems incredibly low for a starter on a playoff team.  I tend to think he's a bit overrated here at Liberty Ballers but do not think he should be ranked behind the likes of Jimmer, Earl Boykins, Greivis Vazquez, Jonny Flynn, Jordan Farmar, and several people ranked ahead of him.

236 - Marreese Speights

He's ranked among the likes of Reggie Evans, Jason Maxiell, and Jeff Foster.  Seems about right to me.  Jordan predicted 287.  Close enough.

219 - Spencer Hawes

Not a terrible player.  Not a good player.  He's ranked ahead of such big men as Brad Miller and Anthony Randolph, behind Zaza Pachulia, Antonio McDyess, and Jason Thompson.  Jordan was spot on with his "200-ish" guess.

197 - Andres Nocioni

I think this would have been a fair ranking a couple of seasons ago.  Based off of his last two seasons I'd say this is a bit too high.

173 - Lou Williams

As much hate as he gets from here I think this ranking is a tad low.  Similar players like Leandro Barbosa (150), Nick Young (146), JJ Redick (143), Marcus Thornton (136), Ben Gordon (111), JR Smith (110), JJ Barea (92), George Hill (91), and Jamal Crawford (76) are all ranked ahead of him.  Jordan likely agrees with me since he projected he'd be ranked in the 105-115 range.

171 - Evan Turner

Not surprisingly ranked behind Derrick Favors (138) and DeMarcus Cousins (82).  The twitter comment they chose to post with his rankings says " If Doug Collins lets Evan Turner play next season, he may win the Most Improved Player award."  He definitely has the ability of a higher ranked player but has yet to really show it.  Jordan was pretty close with his prediction of a 150-160 range.

84 - Thaddeus Young

No problem with this ranking.  Very good bench player.  Not yet a complete player. Jordan guessed 90-100.  Very close once again.

83 - Jrue Holiday

If this list was based on potential I'd argue higher.  Since it's based off of how good the players currently are this ranking seems right.  The only player 21-or-under ranked ahead of Jrue is John Wall.  Jordan was oh so close with his 85-95 prediction.

62 - Elton Brand

At first glance I thought this ranking was a bit high but then I looked at the players ranked immediately behind him.  Shawn Marion (too high also imo), Ty Lawson, Mike Conley, Kyle Lowry, Grant Hill.  As always, Jordan was extremely close at 65-75

34 - Andre Iguodala

Ahead of Danny Granger (36), Monta Ellis (41), Kevin Martin (42), Lamar Odom (44), Gerald Wallace (48), Stephen Jackson (77), Jason Richardson (79), and Trevor Ariza (113).  Clearly these rankers don't know what they are talking about.

I'd argue that he's currently better than Joe Johnson (32), Andrew Bynum (a ridiculous 30), Tony Parker (28), Rudy Gay (27), and a 35-year old Tim Duncan who had 13 ppg and 9 rpg (19).  Jordan once again was just off at 35-45.


Notable recent former Sixers: Rodney Carney (354), Jason Smith (292), Willie Green (276), Reggie Evans (244), Kyle Korver (192), Samuel Dalembert (112).


Notably missing (unless I overlooked him):  The Donger.

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