Cancelled Games

So the NBA cancelled the first two weeks of the season. Here are the obituaries of the Sixers games lost. More after the jump.

November 2nd, Philadelphia at Toronto: 

We miss the new young guns break out in their first game against Toronto. Jrue goes wild against an older Jose Calderon, The Sixers somehow escape Andrea Bargnani's 40 points. Sixers win a high scoring game, 114-102.

November 4th, Minnesota at Philadelphia:

We miss the Sixers home opener rout of the Timberwolves. Derrick Williams, Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio get shut down by Iggy, Brand and Holiday and combine for just 18 points. Lou Williams has a huge night off the bench and scores 25 on the defensively-challenged Minnesota point guards. Nikola Vucevic puts up a quiet 12 points on Montenegro team mate Nikola Pekovic. Sixers win 100-82.

November 6th, Philadelphia at Orlando:

We miss the first Sixers letdown as the Magic win the game in the fourth quarter. Jrue's 24 points and Iguodala's double double aren't enough to stop Dwight and his pathetic, overpaid teammates. Iguodala somehow only scores 16 points on JJ Reddick. Spencer Hawes gets 4 fouls in the first quarter, leaving it up to Brand and Vucevic to contain Dwight (they fail). Magic take it 84-78.

November 9th, Houston at Philadelphia:

We miss the first Sixers game on national TV. Kevin Martin gets locked up by Iguodala and the Rockets have a tough time scoring. Marcus Morris plays an emotional 3 minutes in his return to Philadelphia. Spencer Hawes and Elton Brand both have big nights against Luis Scola and Chuck Hayes (of course a big night for Spencer is 14 points 7 boards). Because the big men do such a good job we see Jodie Meeks have his first breakout game of the year. He goes 6 of 7 from downtown and scores 22 on the night. Sixers run away with it, 108-91.

November 11th, Milwaukee at Philadelphia:

We miss the Sixers get overpowered by Andrew Bogut and Jrue can't keep up with Brandon Jennings as the Bucks give the Sixers their first home loss of the season. Iguodala scores 28 but the Sixers lose 96-85.

November 13th, Philadelphia at LA Clippers:

We miss the young guns take on the younger guns. Blake Griffin does his normal thing. Doug Collins makes the right adjustments to hold Eric Gordon to 12 points. Lou Williams can't stop Eric Bledsoe off the bench and Bledsoe gets 15. Lou Williams in desperation launches up too many threes. The Sixers make it a close one, but then lose in overtime 120-112.

November 14th, Philadelphia at Portland:

We miss Greg Oden somehow hang up 20 on the Sixers as the focus too much on Lamarcus Aldridge. Brandon Roy/ Wesley Mathews are shut down by Iguodala. Raymond Felton is out of shape and overweight and Jrue has a double double of 27 points and 13 assists. Elton Brand rises up to the challenge and scores 20 points and grabs 12 rebounds. Evan Turner has his first high scoring game and scores 18. The Sixers bench wins it for the Sixers and they win a close one 104-101.


That was all the games we will miss. I say goodbye to them while wiping tears from my eyes. I will miss them so much. Hopefully, we still get to see Philly take on the Warriors in their next game to see Monta vs. Iggy.  

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